Saturday, February 03, 2018

MEN'S HEALTH: Shave it. Shave ALL of it.

I remember when I made the call to just shave it. All of it. 

I had just lost a ton of weight post surgery... and remember looking at my head and asking myself, "why am I really fighting the future?" I mean, I had the bald spot. I'd tried the hair-loss drugs which just made me feel worse about other things. I guess I felt when I was bald that I looked like Humpty Dumpty. But, with renewed confidence comes the balls to actually do something different, and so, I rolled into a Floyd's 99 - since they have barbers which are, I've found, different than stylists - and I had my head shaved.


Like Britney back when she lost it. Or, like some people I know after a Brazilian.

Hard woods.

Well, I will say that before, I felt like I always had great head shape. Now, after the Craniotomy and the subdural hemotomoa stuff, I've got this C-thing going on but it still looks cool, so it still gets the shave.


And thank GOD this survey says that it looks... decent. Because GOD knows I was always insecure about this. And GOD I'm glad I saw someone to help me get over the insecure parts of myself, because let me tell you, that part of me was keeping me from living my - ahem - best life ever. And, to quote Abby Wyatt, whom I work with, "I need to do what I need to do to keep on being the G.O.A.T."

God love the wisdom of Abby Wyatt, University of Maryland + iHeartRadio DC team-mate.

Anyway. Hope you're having a great Saturday on this Superbowl Weekend. Thanks for reading.

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