Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orlando Shooting... What we need to do...

Once the air clears, emotions calm and the tears come to an end... I think some things need to happen. 

1) President Barack Obama needs to address Congress - and the WORLD - from the US CAPITOL to outline how the United States of America will act in the face of what is now, arguably, a cancer on the soul of America: Terrorism, Gun Violence and yet another mass-murder on our own shores. 

2) If Congress won't do it willingly, he needs to summon Congress into a special session focused singularly on finding a solution to the problems which have again manifest themselves in lost lives, broken communities and senseless violence. 

3) If Congress won't cooperate - and get to work on finding solutions - use the bully pulpit of the Presidency to make sure the WORLD knows what's going on and why. 

4) Congress, the President, the Campaigns... they all need to immediately research and expose those political action organizations, lobbyists and more who are fighting to keep this country - and our ELECTED OFFICIALS - from finding a solution for WE, THE PEOPLE.

5) The President needs to remind anyone who has ears to hear, as it were, that he's summoned Congress to fix this problem because this is, indeed a national security threat to the American fundamental right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." 

Maybe it's just me... but President Obama is now in the most amazing position to force real change and to make sure that this country is safer, and freer, than he found it. He's run his last race. His last campaign... was won years ago. Now, the President can use his position -- the most powerful post in the free world -- to force our democratically elected leaders in DC - in both political parties - to cast off the chains of slavery to political action committees, special interests and more in Washington, so we might heal our democracy and leave this union even stronger as we go forward. 

Orlando's tough weekend wasn't just a random killing of a YouTube star. It wasn't just the most deadly mass-shooting and terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11.

It was an attack on the idea that "all" are "created equal."

It was an attack on the idea that we are endowed by our "Creator with certain unalienable rights."

It was an attack on a Declaration. Our very Independence. 

What we've seen, to me, exposes clear attacks which are self-evident. To fix these problems...  those who derive their powers from the "consent of the governed" need to be made to do the business they've been elected to do by "We, The People" and not the businesses who fund whatever. Republican, Democrat, whatever... these continued actions - and the inaction of Congress - are a National Security Threat to the people of these United States... and if they - the elected Members of Congress - can not address these issues, they should be reminded that it is the "Right of the People to alter or abolish" that which no longer represents them.

Bring on some elections.

Continued inaction isn't, in my opinion, a National Security Threat against the Constitution. It is in itself a National Security Threat to the very Declaration which gave birth to this country.  

It's not a Constitutional problem. Inaction on this issue is a threat to the fundamental Declaration of Independence which made this country what it is. What it was. What, God willing, it will continue to be. 

For the lives of - and the countless families effected by - loss... senseless loss... let's get to work. 

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