Saturday, September 12, 2015

Progressive Insurance, people, and relationships which matter...

Just a quick note for the class…

I believe that if you’re going to bitch or complain about something online, you need to also be ready to give praise or give credit when credit is due for something the place you complained about does something right.

That’s what I’m writing about right now. I complained about something… and it was made right.

A few weeks ago, I was clearly very ‘poopy-pants’ at Progressive, my insurance provider since 1999, over an auto glass claim situation. 

Long story short, I have a leased vehicle, and had a stone hit my windshield which cracked it. To replace it required me to get original equipment which costs more than what a place like Safe-Lite, a Progressive preferred vendor, would have cost. At first, Progressive was going to only reimburse me up to the cost which Safe-Lite would have paid, which was substantially less than what I ended up spending. I felt it wasn’t fair, and vented on Twitter about it and even considered ending my long-term relationship with Progressive.

When my renewal notice came due, I called Progressive to cancel. That’s when Progressive’s Customer Service agent discovered that had actually been overpaying on my policy for years, and recommended I end the policy I had in favor of starting a new policy on my vehicle which LOWERED my deductible to $50, down from the $500 I had, and which LOWERED my MONTHLY PAYMENTS by over $100. All of this for the SAME COVERAGE I had on my vehicle. Comprehensive coverage. With enhanced limits and more.

Clearly, my mind… was blown by this. It shocked the agent too, who said to me that “this rarely happens” and who triple checked it to make sure she was right about what we were seeing.

Flash forward… my reimbursement check for the out-of-pocket glass replacement came from Progressive. I expected them to – and they only had to – reimburse me for a fraction of the cost of replacement….

… and they reimbursed me the maximum they could up to what was my share under my deductible.

Progressive made it right. I renewed my relationship with them with a new policy which cut my monthly insurance costs MORE THAN IN HALF, cut my DEDUCTIBLE by HUNDREDS of dollars should I ever need it again… and they reimbursed me for more than they had to when they didn’t have to do so at all.

That’s customer service. That’s treating a customer like a person and more than just some number. That’s called restoring faith and letting you know that relationships matter.

I believe that when we bitch about things or services and complain loudly about being wronged online, we need to be quick to point out when things happen which set things right in the world. We need to heap praise just as fast as we’re willing to pile on with criticism.

Progressive was the target of my frustration… and they went more than halfway to make it right and now, I’m more than a satisfied customer… I’m a Progressive Cares success story… and I appreciate them, and their people, who made this happen.

Thanks for reading…


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