Saturday, August 29, 2015

Treat it like a STARTUP...

I got some sage advice yesterday from an industry colleague I love and respect. He's one of these "crazy" ones I idolize... the misfits who see things differently... the square pegs in round holes kind of dudes... who changes things. Who pushes things forward. 

The advice was more for me to apply toward my being on the air everyday, battling distractions and staying focused and on fire and whatnot... but it might as well apply to life. 

And, since my work life balance being out of whack has taken a toll, I applied the advice to both work... and life. 

"Treat it like a startup," he wrote me in an email. He then explained to me that he tells his team to treat what we do like we're doing it at a brand new place... and to have fun with it. 

What simple - yet elegantly powerful - advice. 

If we treat what we're doing like it's the beginning. Like we have nothing to lose and everything to gain... and if we have fun doing it... it will break the chill of complacency and loose the fires of innovation, passion and creativity. 

I applied the advice. The results were - and continue to be - instantaneous. 

Sure, I have a lot going on in life. We all do. But I'm going to work harder on staying in "startup" mode... because it's more fun that way! 

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