Friday, July 31, 2015

Family is everything...

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There are a few things we need to remember in this 'game' we play called radio... and the same things are true for anyone who loves what they do for a living... and in fact, I'd say that these things are important for this thing we call life... 

1) Control the work life balance: You work to live... and not the other way around.

2) Things are more important than what you do, and you will be judged by how you react to this.

3) Nothing is more important than family.

Over the last few months, my soul has been reminded of how important the word "family" is by the example of radio's most prolific family... the Vinci family of the great state of Massachusetts.

I've met both of these "Princes of Boston Radio" individually and together... I've hung with both individually and collectively... and I will tell you they are unique as individuals who are together cut from a different cloth when it comes to this "radio" game.

They're both tireless workers. They're soldiers. They get in early and they stay late. They don't say no and when they do say no it's because they just don't have any more hours in the day to give to deliver results at the high level they both aspire too.

They both have this "passion" thing which is missing in this new generation of what we do. They don't expect things to be handed to them... they're willing to get scrappy to fight for every single inch that they can get... and then, they ask for more.

I'm about to listen to an aircheck from Mikey V which will -- as has happened before -- inspire me to play at that Tom Brady level...

... because that's the level these VBROZ play at.


When did they go from great to epic?

For me, as an outside observer... it was when God called Big Frank home.

I don't know about you, but I watched as this family rallied around Dad and each other... they were there for one another. There was boundless optimism and a real feeling that tomorrow would be indeed better than today.  And when Frank fell asleep to wake up in that place where we become immortals, these "Bros" and their family celebrated a life well lived... knowing that they are now the legacy of a man who clearly was a tremendous motivational force for life...

Frankie V then was promoted to Boston... his hometown... proving that yes, with hard work and a bit of big dreaming... you can go home again... to dream bigger dreams which indeed do come true when you have the balls to dream 'em.

Frankie and Mikey are two of a kind who are the example of what we all need to remember is most important in this game called radio... and in this game called life.

Jobs come and go. Markets and market size come and go. You can be syndicated or solo in some small market. You can go national or stay unknown yet hungry while doing what you love. You can climb to the highest heights... or experience the lowest of lows...

... but if you have family -- and a love for that blood which is thicker than water -- you'll aways be able to overcome.

To my friends and colleagues Frankie and Mikey V -- I'm so proud of you. I'm better as a human being because I know you both and we as human beings are better because of the example that you and your family have shown us in recent months...

... that nothing... is more important than that love we have as a family.

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