Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sundays in the country...

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The weather, today, is pretty perfect. 

Not too hot. Not too cold. Not too much wind. Abundant sunshine. 

Pretty much... perfect. 

About two years or so ago, on a Sunday like this, I'd head North, leaving the suburbs of the Nation's Capital for a park which surrounds the President's retreat at Camp David, in the Cactoctin Mountains. 

The 45 minute or so trip through Frederick and into Thurmont, Maryland, gave me time to think about things... and how important some things were in this life. I thought a lot about love. Relationships which have come and gone. Life. Kyla, who was still living in Florida at the time. My career. My personal happiness. 

I found a lot of peace on those drives. Those picnics in the past. And I've since learned many lessons. Added to the other lessons I've learned in life over the last few years, and, well, I've now got not just good stuff for some stories... 

... I've got some great stuff for some stories. All from my own life. All from my own experiences in this life. And all things which have helped me grow -- and may help you, somehow, too. 

This week, I re-upped with my team here in DC and across the country with another multi-year deal. Signing it, and after an hour-long therapeutic "Toby Talk" with my Market VP of Programming,  I decided a few things personally were going to start happening again in my life. 

Things which I had been doing but had stopped doing for whatever reason.  

One, I'm getting back on Snapchat. LOL. I know, irrelevant, right? Well, I had to get off of it for a while out of respect for whatever. Not anymore. Besides, it's too important of a social media tool for us to not be using... especially with the Stories feature. And I need to keep an eye on Kyla, too! HA! 

Two, you'll see the last post here was some time ago. It's time for me to start blogging about stuff here again, so look for some improvements, refinements and more to come. From pop culture stuff to my observations on stuff, to things I can't blog about on the iHeart sites... I used to write more that I have been doing... and I'm getting back to it. And yeah, at times, I'm gonna be honest. Classy, but honest, and emotional about things on my mind and heart. 

Three, it's time for me to fight back against a work-life balance I've allowed to tilt too far toward the work direction over the last year or so. An out-of-balance life has cost me in many ways - in relationships and when it comes to my personal health, too. Not anymore. Game on M'Effers. I'm taking some things back.

Four, it's time for me to do the things I like to do. Over Spring Break, I headed out on a road trip with Kyla to dig in a crater looking for diamonds. We dug in an other one and found quartz crystals. We stayed in a log cabin themed after an 1800's old West Bank. And it was fun. So I'm going to work... so that I can LIVE like I used to do. And here, you'll be able to come along for the ride whereever the adventure takes me. 

So, on this Sunday, April 26th, here are a couple of life lessons I've learned I want to share with you. 

1) You can't have alcohol in a National Park. Not even wine. You'll have to dump it out. And they will catch you. Trust me. 

2) Compromise. It has to be fair and balanced. If one side has to compromise more than another, or if another side won't or can't compromise, things probably won't end up going anywhere. 

3) Don't let anything or anyone stop you from doing things you love doing and which you have fun doing. If a road trip to "someplace out there" is what you like doing... go do it. Nothing - and no one - can stop you. 

4) If you listen - really listen - you'll hear the best advice in the wind blowing through trees, or in raindrops which fall while you listen to some amazing music from someone like BT. 

Thanks for reading. It feels good to be back. And, it feels even better to know that I'll be able to - thanks to you - do what I love to do well into the future around here.