Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Leaders have this 'presence' thing...

Something funny just happened.

I'm sitting in a production studio where I work and the door opens... I have my back to the door and I hear this voice...

"Hello Toby Knapp..."

I just smile and say the name of this person who walked in...

She's not based here anymore, but has a home and family here, so she sometimes works from our building - especially when the weather gets ridiculous and whatnot.

Anyway, what I'm getting at is that leaders have this presence. It's not the same for all, some have more presence than others, but generally when I'm in the room with a leader, I sense this presence. It's unique to each person, unique to each leader and it certainly evolves over time.

We chatted about life, Kyla, industry-related stuff... it's like she never left...

Sometimes, I miss that presence. Because presence is, I think, a part of the chemistry which makes any organization great. We all add our presence to the total team makeup for a time and that's what helps to breed success.

But --- like any organism --- we continue to grow. New leaders evolve. Other leaders move on toward what they need to grow into as they continue to become... And new a new presence adds itself to the fold.

Adds itself. Never replaces. Because once you've added your DNA -- your "stuff" to something... it's forever changed. You've forever left a mark.

I guess that's the fabric of what they'd call building a dynasty.

Here's to your presence...


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