Sunday, September 29, 2013

SPEW: What makes something amazing...

You know what makes something amazing? 

When you're in the bubble. In sync. Not NSYNC... but totally in sync with someone you never expected to be in sync with... but nonetheless, you're in sync. In concert. 


So, you find this... someone... who happens to come along when you least expect it, who restores your faith in things which you once believed in... but for whatever reason stopped being as "sold" on... 

... and then something amazing happens. 

You realize you're a team. You're not some solo act. You're better... with someone else... and they're better... with you. 

Your sentences complete each other's. Your in complete rhythm... you know where one is going when the other has to go through it...with you. Solo. Together. No matter. Because you've already considered the options because that's what you do when you're a team. 

You think "what if..." and then you think "what would I do..."

And then... it happens and you say... "I'd do..." 

Some might say that this is the sort of thing you'd say "I do..." too... 

... but it doesn't matter. Because we know. And we do. And we're doing. 

You want to know freedom? 

Find the one. Your one. And watch what happens... when you do. 


Let's get back to having more of a regular conversation... right here. 


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