Wednesday, August 14, 2013


The great pop culture icon ADAM "the IDOL" LAMBERT and the NBA's JASON COLLINS shared a few snaps together whilst papped by the photogs at the HORRAY HENRYS opening celebration!

LAMBERT - who has gone on to become an entertainment and social force in his post-reality show life - not to mention the voice who again brought life to the iconic QUEEN - was caught in this photo with COLLINS, who re-defined the word BRAVE after he came out as the first openly gay pro athlete today.

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KATY PERRY: LAX PAPS catch pop's queen after long flight!

KATY PERRY... flew back into LAX and was snapped by the paps as she walked back into the airport, presumably from the terminals.

Now while she had security with her and others, it's still rough for Katy Perry to be Katy Perry... and ya'll don't really know what she has to go through to be... well... this image of her that the world expects to see.

I was reminded tonight that it's tough for her to have to apply makeup, foundation, have her hair perfect and her wardrobe perfect after what we'd presume to be a cross-country flight.

Is it easy for you?

The price of fame?

I don't know anymore... But I do think that Katy is a person... and like all of us, she has those days, great days, not-so-great-days and more.

Lately, I've started to think about life. And people who live a certain life. Or who live a life publicly before so many... and how important little moments of privacy or escape can be.

I think Katy deserves some. I get the life she's chosen for herself... and what comes with it...

... but the trappings of fame don't mean we should trap a person.

Katy is a person. With a heart. And a life which needs some normal every now and then.

Wow. I feel preachy. But ya know what? She does deserve a bit of peace every now and then...

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

LADY GAGA: Lives for the applause, gets papped at CHATEAU MARMONT in WeHo!

LADY GAGA lives for the APPLAUSE... 

... and tonight in LA, in West Hollywood, she lived for the paparazzi who lit her painted face - reminiscent to the face of the JOKER in the BATMAN TRILOGY directed by CHRISTOPHER NOLAN... as she rolled into the CHATEAU MARMONT. 

Note: Chateau Marmont is called the SHAT-OH MAR-MONT. 

Her new song leaked this week, on Monday. 


BETHENNY FRANKEL: Look at her go in that RED bikini!

The BETHENNY FRANKEL... going through a brutal divorce and whatnot, took some time away from her trials and tribulations to show off her body in her red bikini and whatnot whilst on her book tour in MIAMI, the home city of one MACK at NIGHT, now in the AFTERNOON, from local radio station Y100. 

Frankel has been going through a brutal bitter and very public divorce... 

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