Saturday, July 06, 2013

THINGS: Sorry I've been away so long…

… I need to be better about… this side of things. 

And so I will be.

Tonight… a blind item truth about some radio things I'm indirectly involved in, and you can read into it what you will if you wish. What I won't do is, ahem, reveal anything nor confirm anything nor say anything which would put me in breach of my word.

I had a boss once… who told me that the best noise anyone could have made about themselves… is the noise other people make about them…

And that means without having to ask anyone to make noise for you.

That's why I'd not listen to the noise of anyone or anything saying this or that or hinting things which might lead you to THINK something which… well… isn't true.


Because if they were that good…. or that in demand… would they have to make noise - or ask others to make noise - for 'em?

Oh… and one more thing…

Someone told me recently that "even a clock is right twice a day…"

I'd say this…

Don't trust a clock which is powered by some batteries which aren't rechargeable… and which were bought and paid for by another.

Some people think they're Steve Jobs. But people who know… know there was only one… and… news flash… you are not him.

I'll be back. In the meantime, enjoy the gossip and stuff I can't get on the other platform…


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