Thursday, February 28, 2013


There is a lot I want to say, so take a minute and listen.

You may look at first and think this is an exploitation of this homeless man to prove a point. You may judge the free hugs girl and think what she is doing is hippie-ish or stupid, you may turn away because Anonymous gets a bad/evil rap, but NONE OF THAT MATTERS IN THIS SITUATION.

This is a beautiful and human moment as the Anonymous protestors all stop and help this man, and not only that. They speak to him, wish him well, give him hugs, and they are fearless in doing so.

"Get yourself a good drink" is I think my favorite line.

And his response is not anger at his exposure, or any form of malice, it is tears, joy, and consistent thanks. More like this in the world, and it would be an incredible place.

Promotion tool for themselves? Well, how can it be really? These people are ANONYMOUS, they have no gain from this but to get people noticing this man. And no matter what for, because he got money enough to last him for a bit.

DO NOT pass these people on the street. It's hard, everyone has money troubles, but my GOD if we shared more, if we took time to love more, if we just cared more on an INDIVIDUAL LEVEL, I promise you this world would be a better place.

Anonymous Nottingham, what a beautiful thing you did on this day.

Jenny Haining, American University 2013

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