Saturday, January 26, 2013


Fernandia Beach High School has an incredible student body. One that exemplifies all that the world and its youth should be.

Tyler Morris is an autistic student who was nominated in the top 12 guys up for HOMECOMING KING at the school.

It's not pity, it's not any kind of sympathy vote. Everyone at the school simply thinks TYLER IS AMAZING, which he really seems to be from this video. He got the PRETTIEST GIRL IN SCHOOL to go with him and she made him a sash saying "Tyler is my king."

And, with a record breaking win, Tyler was named Homecoming King. Watch this video. It's just perfect.

Students say one reason Tyler is amazing is that when you tell him your birthday, he never forgets it. It added to his kindness and his gentle nature. But don't think Tyler is shy!!

CHECK THIS VIDEO and see how confident this kid is. Just awesome. I love it.

Jenny Haining, American University 2013

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