Sunday, December 16, 2012


Saturday Night Live is rarely, if ever, a show that discusses serious issues. They may take short moments during weekend updates to address serious moments tacked on to the end of their "Weekend Update" but never before anything like this.

In the wake of a shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in which a shooter murdered 20 children, 12 girls and 8 boys ranging from 6-7 years old, their school principal, school psychologist, and 4 of their school teachers, SNL decided to pay tribute. The shooter also murdered his own mother while she slept in his home.

Rather than open with their usual comedic monologue, children lined the stage in front of a simple candle and sang "Silent Night," ending with the beautiful wish for those murdered to "sleep in heavenly peace."

This tribute was perfect and fitting from the comedy show.

In a time when all of America, the whole world even, has cried, felt the heat, anger and rage of what kind of person could shoot children multiple times, held their loved ones close, and wished for a reversal of time so these children could be with their families for Christmas, this was a lovely tribute.

May all victims rest in peace, these beautiful children of Sandy Hook Elementary, a mother trying to do right by her child, and the women who put their childrens' lives before their own and were stuck down attempting to save them.

Tell your family you love them today. Don't fight during this holiday. The issues we argue over are so trivial. Hold peace and love as you celebrate, and simply be happy you are together.

Merry Christmas. And bless your families and children.

Jenny Haining, American University 2013

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