Wednesday, December 05, 2012

CONDOMS: Delivery service for the unprepared launches!

Nothing beats some entrepreneurial spirit! 


Unfortunately free love often goes hand-in-hand with STDs and unwanted pregnancies, but a new business in the USA is here to help. The 'Condom Ambulance' delivers sheaths right to the door - whenever the mood is right - day or night. The start-up firm is the brainchild of entrepreneurial US college student Kyle McCabe who began the service on his own campus in New Jersey and plans to expand to other universities globally. "If someone is unprepared I would much rather they call me for protection than make a bad decision," said Kyle who guarantees a five minute delivery time in the "express hours" of Friday-Sunday, 7pm-3am. The cost is $3 for one Trojan and up to 10 for $15 - delivery does not cost extra even during unsociable hours. "I want to help people as well as make a little money," added Kyle, 19, who ensures that condoms are discreetly slipped under his customers' doors to avoid breaking their amorous mood. 

Photos: Splash News. Used under agreement. 

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