Saturday, November 10, 2012

FOOTBALL JESUS: NFL Week 10 is here!

Welcome to WEEK 10 in the NFL... and the matchups and momentum promise to have even more excitement than the Presidential Election did Tuesday night!

First off, I'm down a game in the pool this week after the COLTS continued to ride the ANDREW LUCK train... proving that they're not the joke most people thought they might be this year after all the post-Peyton changes.

And... the matchups THIS WEEK are just epic. Texans v. Bears. Eagles v. Cowboys  in a fight to just stay alive... and to save coaches.

So far, I'm 67-66 in the pool this season... the last few weeks have been interesting, with dogs not covering the lines and... well.... some teams are just playing some amazing ball this year.

Here's this week's podcast with Football Jesus! Good luck to your teams this week!

You can find Football Jesus here.

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