Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ELMO: This is what it looks like to SUE Elmo and his voice!

This is not a happy post. In fact, its quite sad. 

Today, we have a look at all the documents from an alleged victim of the voice of ELMO... Kevin Clash... who has filed suit against the puppeteer in Federal Court. 

It's really a tragic end to what was a charmed career. 

Here, we'd encourage you to remember that ELMO'S VOICE is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.... 

... but we're aware of the damage the court of public opinion has already caused. 

With that said, here's what it looks like to sue ELMO... 

All photos Splash News. Used under agreement. 

Steal 'em and your station will get hit with a fine and then you'll get hauled into your GM's office, and your OM, PD and you will get in some trouble when they have to explain the variance due to an unforseen and unsanctioned expense. Just lookin' out for you. :) 

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