Saturday, September 01, 2012

GAY GUYS can't donate their SPERM?!

It is LITERALLY okay for a guy to sleep with an HIV positive prostitute and donate sperm a year later, but any gay guys who have engaged in homosexual acts of sex can NOT donate until five years being sex-free according to the FDA thanks to a ban in place since 2005!!

It's like we're REVERSING HISTORY!

The FDA says that because homosexual men are more likely to carry HIV, they are not allowed to donate. Let me say that I CONSTATNTLY stay out of the debate for gay marriage and many of the debates of homosexual rights because while I agree that "all gays should be created equal," I don't want to disrespect people with certain religious or conservative beliefs, though I may SEVERELY disagree.

THAT BEING SAID, not even letting them DONATE SPERM!?!? COME FRICKING ON! All the doctors, by the way, are saying there is no scientific reason for this change. There is just bigotry involved with this.... sheer bigotry.

This debate makes me mad...

FULL STORY HERE from 2005 AND click HERE to read more from HuffPo and a debate on this subject last week! 

Jennifer Haining, American University 2013

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