Wednesday, September 05, 2012

CHUCK NORRIS WARNS AMERICA..... like an idiot.

Alright so I was expecting to get to this video and see Chuck Norris round-house kicking Romney in the face. And while his argument or whatever is fine, pop culture stars need to stay out of politics. FIRST there was Clint Eastwood's senile chair dance, and now this....

LET ME START SAYING I, Jenny (Toby's Intern) am a Christian. I am a Catholic Christian who can guarantee you that me, the entire community of Christians I was raised around, and millions of other Christians hate it when the evangelicals and ultra-conservatives represent us in this way.

So this is Norris's campaign in support of the Rominator, not the Obaminator:


MAINLY, the argument that because 30 million Evangelical Christians didn't vote, Obama won. Um... EXCUSE me but I am betting for every one of those people who you are deciding to speak for there was a liberal/democrat who didn't vote as well.

1) If EVERYONE IN THE USA had voted, I can bank pretty hard on the fact that Obama would have probably won.

2) Obama is evil huh? I'm just going to let you all sit on the idea that Obama is behind a desk twiddling his fingers thinking, "yes...yes my plan to ruin America is working." Get your head out of your ass Chuck Norris. The man you are supporting, Mitt Romney, has even said Obama is a good man.

3) Don't be telling me that God is on your side. Don't tell me what I love or what I want, or what God wants. A million people believe in God in different ways, so you, Chuck "I just decided I was a politican" Norris, have no say there. Also, seperate church and state for the LOVE of...well... God I guess.

Okay, got off topic...but what the hell man...this is maddening.

OBAMA2012. But really.

Jennifer Haining, American University 2013

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