Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ROGER CLEMENS: Rocket on launchpad for comeback mission with a life lesson for those who are ready to receive it!

Roger Clemens at the Daytona 500 in 2006 // Splash News

Say what you will about ROGER CLEMENS... but you've gotta give the ROCKET props. 

He's 50. He's made millions. He's been through hell and back... and now, he's going to pitch for an independent league baseball team which has no pro affiliation... in Sugarland, Texas. 

And he's doing it... for fun.


See, to me, that means something. Maybe I'm just nostalgic. I remember how we'd try to go to Clemens' house as kids at Halloween to get his baseball cards. I remember how he'd show up and pitch at my High School in Katy, Texas, while the team was in practice during the spring and stuff.

I remember that his son, Koby, I think, went to my doctor, too in Katy growing up, so, yeah, maybe I'm a bit invested and nostalgic, but when Clemens takes the mound in SUGARLAND, Texas, it will be special.

It will be for the love of the game.

It will be to see if he can do it... one more time.

Sure, the rocket may not have the same speed it once had. Not too many rockets would at 50 years old, after playing for all those championship teams and striking out all those batters.

But what the rocket will still have... is his legend. And that's the most powerful fuel on the planet.

Watching him will kindle dreams in people past their prime. It will inspire people at the beginning of their careers to live with passion and to have fun...

...and for people like me, it will serve as a reminder that if you do something because it's fun... and because you love it... it stops being about money and pay and fame and it starts being about something else.

That something else?

Is living life. On your own terms.

Living life.

Go get 'em Rocketman. I'm rooting for you like the 8 year old kid I used to be knocking on your door saying trick or treat back in Texas.

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