Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TOM CRUISE + KATIE HOLMES: Hey, paparazzi, leave SURI CRUISE alone!

Splash News // Suri Cruise goes Ethan Hunt on these paparazzi... just like daddy... 

Okay, enough is enough... 

SURI CRUISE is SIX years old. 


I mean really? Look at her face. She's clearly trying to book it past these people who just want her photo because of her mommy and daddy and the fact that they're famous or whatnot. 

Can the kid just be a kid? 

IDK, maybe it's close to Father's day and I'm feeling a bit protective... but my kiddo isn't that much older than Suri... and it's not cool to scare the kid just 'cuz you want a photo. 

She didn't ask for her mom and dad to be famous. She's a kid. SIX years old. Let her be a kid. 

Soapbox off.

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