Monday, June 18, 2012

PARENTING: Shifting back into full time daddy mode!

tk photo // kyla + color splash at walk over by Potomac Yards... 

Good morning.

So, in addition to stuff I've been blogging here lately about celebs, and stuff which helps me with the radio station sites, I figured I'd also let you into my life a bit from time to time. 

And, since it's the day after Father's day, and I've, in quick fashion, shifted back into "daddy mode," I wanted to just share where my head -- and heart -- are at this morning.

Click here to see some of Kyla's presents she made for me taken with my LYTRO camera, founded on their site.

tk photo // relax... it's a Shirley Temple! 

Yesterday, Joe Daddio on the holiday Raddio, who is an RCA Records promotions executive I've known for a long, long time, and I were talking at the ballgame about being parents and fathers and whatnot and he mentioned that "I built a village" to be able to juggle the demands of being a very busy single daddy with a very involved and exciting, spur-of-the-moment type career.

He's right. It's a pretty amazing village. It gets put on hiatus until Summer comes, and then, it gets really busy really quickly and it takes that village to make sure everything gets done. I actually have to plan. I actually have to get up early. I have to do more than make sure the world doesn't work on "Toby time..." and instead works the way it works normally... with planning, a purpose, working ahead on lunches, with a lot of laundry and grocery shopping and meal planning and more.

It's a life change. I'm on cup of coffee number four for the morning, and it always takes some getting used too, but it's so worth it.

I guess what I'm thinking about this morning is that I know how tough it is for anyone - married parents, single parents... and I am thankful for the people who help me make it all happen, who help me to be able to get it all done. Who are understanding about those moments which present themselves which let Kyla and I bond during our Summers. I'm particularly thankful that I have bosses who don't just understand... they ENCOURAGE... me to use the technology at my disposal to balance everything. I know that it's not this case everywhere, but it is here, and I'm really thankful to the people who let me make it happen.

So, here we go. Kyla's at camp. I'm headed into the studio earlier today to get things done earlier and ahead of my normal la-de-da type "when I get to it i have all night" schedule.

And btw, no this not some daddy blog.

Thanks to all of you - who know who you are - who help me parent an amazing little girl. It does take a village. And I'm glad you are in mine.

Have a great Monday...


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