Monday, June 04, 2012

NICKI MINAJ: Scraps radio show after presenter talks smack!

Splash News // Nicki Minaj is clearly BS -- and #1 -- as she scoots back into the TRIBECA GRAND hotel after scrapping her performance at a NYC radio station show. 

Splash News // It's not cool to piss off an artist so much so that they scrap a performance. Period. 

This NEW YORK radio station - not as highly rated as some other stations - had NICKI MINAJ in town for a show... and she refused to perform after some radio presenter pulled some not-so-hot comments out of his arse about the artist! 

Rumors are that this so-called presenter may be out of a gig today! 

Regardless, you can't just go around pissing off people who are doing YOU a solid... like Nicki Minaj, who was in town to perform at the show, helping YOUR image and performing for YOUR fans. 

Bad business. And NO HATE or BLAME to NICKI for splitting on the show. 

Get some rest, Nicki, and get this dirt off your shoulder and keep kicking ass! 

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