Wednesday, June 06, 2012

KATY PERRY: Spotted in London on a dinner date?

PCN // Katy Perry leaving a restaurant in London where
she rocked out some bangers and mash with her beau!

PCN // Katy Perry had the same purple hair in LA over the weekend... 

KATY PERRY was snapped by the photogs in LONDON leaving the DOVE PUB after dining with her rumored BF, Florence + the Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd. She must be spent... and tired... and exhausted... after spending the weekend promoting her new movie and more in Beverly Hills! 

Splash News // Katy clearly PISSED in her ride. 

This proves a few rumors:

1) Katy did NOT cut things off with Ackroyd.
2) Katy is a MACHINE... working her arse off to promote her movie around the world.
3) Katy looks amazing - even after going non-stop for... what, since Saturday???

You go, Katy... but get some rest, too, okay?!

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