Thursday, June 07, 2012

JESSICA SIMPSON: Weight Watcher's MILLION DOLLAR spokes babe hides out while leaving the gym!

PCN // Jessica Simpson laying LOW, hiding out after the gym,
 because she HAS to lose that weight for her $1m PAYDAY! 

PCN // Cuz, you know, you don't have to hit the gym on some diet plans... just eat that food they give you! 

PCN // Clearly everyone knew JSIMPS was at the gym trying to 'improve' the results of the plan! 

JESSICA SIMPSON... with a reported $1 MILLION DOLLAR payday on the line for losing that baby weight... was hiding out when leaving the gym while, well, helping that diet plan thing of hers to make sure things happen... you know, the way they should, because, well, there's a BUNCH of money on the line for her.. 

So, keep it up, JSIMPS... and lose that baby weight... so we can call 1-800-LOSE-IT and stock our fridge with shots, diet pills, phentermine and more! 

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