Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Splash News // Jenny McCarthy after her OMG SUPER SENSUAL
insightful conversation with Howard Stern!

Jenny McCarthy was on HOWARD STERN this morning, her first appearance in years... and OMG she's back! She was horny, sexual, freaky and more. 

What Stern uncovered during his interview: 

1) She would have banged Howard Stern and is the BEST of all time at blow jobs. 
2) She loves sex. A LOT. 
3) She is doing PLAYBOY again soon. 
4) She loves sex without condoms. 
5) She's done so many Kegel exercises that she can compensate for Howard Stern's small manhood. 
6) Mean girls set her hair on fire in High School. 
7) Her son, living with Autism, misses Jim Carrey, her ex-boyfriend. 
8) She's boning a Chicago Bear and really likes him, but didn't say she "loves" him. 
9) She's got a book coming out in October called "Bad Habit: Confessions of a recovering Catholic" and she talks about her first lesbian orgy and first finger-banging experience. 
10) She likes other women in bed, and has brought them into bed with her. 
11) Her ex-husband has asked to bang her again. 
12) Her show, LOVE IN THE WILD, a dating show, is on after AMERICA'S GOT TALENT. 
13) Her show was shot in the Dominican Republic and it was difficult and people were freaked out by it. 
14) She made out with some dude in the Dominican Republic -- a member of the crew on her show. 
15) She makes people get blood tests before sex because she hates sex with condoms. 
16) She had some deal for a talk show with Oprah and left the deal because they wanted to put her on the OWN network. 
17) She watched porn sites to master blow jobs and sexual positions. 
18) Howard didn't like Jenny being with Jim Carrey. 
19) Jenny seems to be uncomfortable talking about her work for autism. 
20) She wasn't wearing panties under her dress. 
21) She said she didn't fully shave. 
22) Her PLAYBOY spread is back in 2 weeks -- and get ready, it's somewhat "bushy" according to McCarthy, who called it a "groomed runway bush." The spread is eight pages. 
23) Steven Segal did try to seduce Jenny McCarthy during a casting call for Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. He tried to get her naked by saying the role required "off camera nudity." 
24) Jenna Jameson says they had sex. They did not. But she might have had sex with her, alas, they did not. 
25) She wouldn't make a woman have a blood test before she had sex with them. 
26) She couldn't remember when she had sex with a woman last. 
27) She's run into some BS from dudes who stiff her on the blood test 'thing.' 
28) Jenny banged Tom Cruise and his wife, Katie Holmes, at their wedding. She says he's one of the nicest guys in the business. I think she was being funny on this one. 
29) She's best friends with Mary McCormick and says she made out with her. She's probably joking, however. 
30) She made Jim Carrey wait two weeks before she banged him. She does say the sex with Jim was good. 

Jenny McCarthy. She's back. She's got a new show. Love In The Wild. It's on after AGT on NBCUniversal.

What an unreal interview. Amazing. 

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