Monday, June 04, 2012

DAVID HASSELHOFF: Harry Winston for his bride to be!

Splash News // The HOFF takes his woman, HAYLEY ROBERTS, to HARRY WINSTON in Beverly Hills,
because, the HOFF knows that if it isn't HARRY WINSTON... It just isn't really love and it won't last. 

Splash News // The HOFF shows he listened to BEYONCE and knows that if you like it... you should put a ring on it. And in this case, it's HARRY WINSTON... perhaps the greatest diamonds of all time. 

Splash News // That's right. The HOFF knows he's strollin' in Beverly Hills... cause the HOFF is the BOSS! 

David Hasselhoff, the HOFF, and his woman, Hayley Roberts, are out for a stroll in Beverly Hills... and the HOFF is BOSSIN' his way to the world famous HARRY WINSTON in the most prestigious shops in the WORLD to score himself a ring for his woman!

And, since he's the HOFF... he's bossin' in BAYWATCH style, smiling for fans, posing and whatnot.

Because the HOFF BADGER don't CARE... No, the HOFFBADGER don't give a EFF!

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