Wednesday, June 27, 2012

KATY PERRY + JUSTIN BIEBER + SELENA GOMEZ: Hard partying last night to celebrate new movie!

PCN // Swaggy. 

PCN // Swaggy Biebs is trying to get all mission impossible leaving... 

PCN // Think she's looking at... um... whatever that is? 

PCN // Woozy, but stunning... Katy Perry leaves after throwing DOWN! 

PCN // What do you think that is??? 

Pacific Coast News // Selena was on hand, too! 

KATY PERRY, JUSTIN BIEBER AND SELENA GOMEZ threw DOWN at Chateau Marmont last night in West Hollywood, after PERRY'S premiere of her new movie, PART OF ME! 

But wait... WHAT IS THAT IN KATY'S BRA??? 

She certainly doesn't need to STUFF anything for size... 

... could it be a phone number? 

A napkin? 

Did she spill something? 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

KATY PERRY: Incognito to prepare for her big movie premiere!

PCN // Katy Perry incognito to rehearse for her show tonight... 

PCN // I want that hat. 

PCN // She's amazing. ANd she looks amazing in tights and a shirt with a swimsuit! 

KATY PERRY looks amazing... and she looks happy which is awesome. Here she is rehearsing for her show tonight which is part of the lead-up to her new movie which drops July 5th.

Own this moment, Katy! It's yours! 


Sunday, June 24, 2012

JENNIFER ANISTON: Her cleavage will make you buy SMARTWATER!

Splash News // Will Jennifer make you want this water? 

If you're a smart person, you'll drink Smartwater. Jennifer Aniston does. You will want to drink this water. No really. She's Jennifer Aniston and you will love to drink this water.

Yes. Drink this water. Oh yes.

Jennifer Aniston does.

Oh yes. Yes.

Friday, June 22, 2012

COMMENT: Bullying is wrong...

"Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?  - Matthew 7:3, NIV

Yesterday, I saw a flurry of tweets back and forth about something in town, culminating in a tweet from a gossip reporter for a secondary newspaper taking a shot at a local photographer, saying, to wit, that a mistake - and error in her reporting - was because a "rotund" photographer was in her way.

It was rotundly disappointing to see and hear, no not because I'm a bit rotund myself or because the person bullied by the so-called reporter is someone I know.  It's disappointing because it happened on the day when we saw what a culture of bullying and an attitude of "attack someone personally" becomes okay in the eyes and out of the mouths of our youth. 

video platform video management video solutions video player

See, it's this sort of thing which causes things like we saw with those kids. It starts with someone bullying someone for having an oddly shaped nose, or weird feet, or hands. Then, it progresses...

... to being about someone being gay. Or someone being fat or rotund. Or about someone's religious beliefs.

And that breeds hate. And we all know what hate, when radicalized, can become.

It's not okay.

If you want to debate about the role of paparazzi in society, that's fine. If you want to talk about the the way people treat people with fame and whatnot, that's fine. If you want to debate beliefs, political, personal, what not, that's fine.

But attacking someone personally for who they are, for their size, for their faith, for their sexual orientation, for their color, or for where they're from... it's not okay. It's cheap and easy. It's bush league, especially from someone working in the "third estate" who aspires to move on to a larger stage, or a more respected publication. And it's what is wrong with our society today -- and the wrong example to show to young people like my daughter.

I've not always been innocent but I've come to find, in life, that I can be better than this. That I can embrace what makes us who we are - even with our flaws and whatnot - so that we can rise as people and make the world a better place. We all have our flaws. We all have our insecurities and fears. And we can all rise above them, to correct them where we can and to find more strength as a people powered by our diversity.

And that, to me, is part of the way you help heal... and then, change, the world.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

JUSTIN BIEBER + SELENA GOMEZ: Together, out and about in NYC!

Splash News // Biebs. Swaggy. With Zippers. 

Splash News // Selena Gomez. Screw swaggy. She's sexy! 

Pop's power duo, JUSTIN BIEBER and SELENA GOMEZ were snapped out and about in NYC last night... looking all swaggy and whatnot for the paparazzi! 

Biebs didn't take any swings at any photographers this time...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ALEC BALDWIN: Goes GHOST to avoid press after paparazzi beatdown!

PCN // Alec Baldwin... auditioning for CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST?

JUST HOURS AFTER ALEC BALDWIN... WENT BALDWIN... on a photog, the 30 ROCK actor was snapped dressed like a GHOST leaving NBC today! 

It's not believed that BALDWIN has agreed to play the FRIENDLY GHOST, CASPER, in an upcoming movie. 

It's also unknown if Baldwin was trashed at the time of this photo. Honestly, we can't see his face or eyes, but he's walking like a dude distracted by a sheet over his head... 

CAMERON DIAZ: Makeup free... hailing a cab... JUST LIKE US!

PCN // Cameron Diaz, sans makeup, hailing cab in the NYC! 

She's just like us! 

Cameron Diaz... in NYC, hailing a cab with NO makeup on... 

... yet still looking amazing! 

You can be sure -- if you were a cabbie in NYC, you'd stop and drive for free! 

Monday, June 18, 2012


PCN // Hilary Duff grabs a smoke! 


Like so many others, HILARY DUFF wanted to smoke a cigarette after having a few drinks... and, well, this is a story because...

.... ummm....

Oh yeah, she was on Disney back in the day 

Or, because she's a new mom and smoking is bad for your health. 

I'm not trying to say that you should rush out and start smoking. We all know what it does, and we all know how it smells, and we all know about what the long term effects are, and we all know what secondhand smoke can do... 

... but she's a grown woman, and with that comes certain rights, right? 

Here, we can't judge, because, well, we'll be judged... and who amongst us isn't guilty of sneaking in a vice every now and then? 

MITT ROMNEY: Out of touch at WAWAS????

Well, some things you just can't make up. Here's another one of 'em. 


(PICS) JUSTIN BIEBER: While he's away, SELENA GOMEZ gets to play!

PCN // Selena Gomez and... WOAH who is this mystery guy??! 

PCN // Is SelGo getting SWAGGY checking out this dude's kicks, or.... something else? 


The pop superstar's significant other was spotted OUT with a friend.... and SOME MYSTERY GUY... and as you can see, she's got a drink in hand!

NOW... the rumor mill will start spinning saying she's cheating, but let's examine this...

Biebs is out. Last night, he was home in Canada for the Much Music Video Awards. Selena is 19... and wants to get out and do her thing... and she's old enough, works hard and deserves it.

Friends are friends, and it's not like they're in a full on lip lock or anything, so before we go spreading rumors... let's just state the facts...

AND... he used to - according to fans on TWITTER - be a co-star of hers! IN FACT... this one tweep says: @sglateam: Bracey & Sammy Droke at the DS2DIO launch party (June 14)

She looks awesome. He's hot. It is what it is. So why get into rumors, right? :)

But, what will King Swaggy have to say about this? If anything?

BTW... Selena's legs... SWAGGY!

PARENTING: Shifting back into full time daddy mode!

tk photo // kyla + color splash at walk over by Potomac Yards... 

Good morning.

So, in addition to stuff I've been blogging here lately about celebs, and stuff which helps me with the radio station sites, I figured I'd also let you into my life a bit from time to time. 

And, since it's the day after Father's day, and I've, in quick fashion, shifted back into "daddy mode," I wanted to just share where my head -- and heart -- are at this morning.

Click here to see some of Kyla's presents she made for me taken with my LYTRO camera, founded on their site.

tk photo // relax... it's a Shirley Temple! 

Yesterday, Joe Daddio on the holiday Raddio, who is an RCA Records promotions executive I've known for a long, long time, and I were talking at the ballgame about being parents and fathers and whatnot and he mentioned that "I built a village" to be able to juggle the demands of being a very busy single daddy with a very involved and exciting, spur-of-the-moment type career.

He's right. It's a pretty amazing village. It gets put on hiatus until Summer comes, and then, it gets really busy really quickly and it takes that village to make sure everything gets done. I actually have to plan. I actually have to get up early. I have to do more than make sure the world doesn't work on "Toby time..." and instead works the way it works normally... with planning, a purpose, working ahead on lunches, with a lot of laundry and grocery shopping and meal planning and more.

It's a life change. I'm on cup of coffee number four for the morning, and it always takes some getting used too, but it's so worth it.

I guess what I'm thinking about this morning is that I know how tough it is for anyone - married parents, single parents... and I am thankful for the people who help me make it all happen, who help me to be able to get it all done. Who are understanding about those moments which present themselves which let Kyla and I bond during our Summers. I'm particularly thankful that I have bosses who don't just understand... they ENCOURAGE... me to use the technology at my disposal to balance everything. I know that it's not this case everywhere, but it is here, and I'm really thankful to the people who let me make it happen.

So, here we go. Kyla's at camp. I'm headed into the studio earlier today to get things done earlier and ahead of my normal la-de-da type "when I get to it i have all night" schedule.

And btw, no this not some daddy blog.

Thanks to all of you - who know who you are - who help me parent an amazing little girl. It does take a village. And I'm glad you are in mine.

Have a great Monday...


Saturday, June 16, 2012

LADY GAGA + TAYLOR KINNEY: Chillin' topless in Brisbane!

Splash News // Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney spotted in Brisbane...

Splash News // Taylor... topless... says peek a boo I see you!

Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga are on and poppin' as a couple... and TAYLOR was spotted in BRISBANE chilling out in the Gaga Suite... all topless and whatnot.

Good to see 'em both happy. They both deserve it. And, it's tough to have a relationship when one partner is the biggest pop icon on the planet right now...

Friday, June 15, 2012

ONE DIRECTION: random outtake photos for you!

All these photos are outtakes from my photo shoot at the opening night of the ONE DIRECTION tour...


What are your favorites?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


PCN // Ashton Kutcher and David Gad on set of Steve Jobs movie today...

PCN // Jobs. Woz. On set. Milk does a body good.

PCN // Woz is there, too... played by Josh Gad.

PCN // Ashton Jobs??

PCN // Even down to the bare feet, Ashton Kutcher has Steve Jobs... DOWN!
PCN // He's in the garage where Jobs and Woz invented Apple...

Filming began today at STEVE JOB'S actual HOUSE where the mogul and modern genius started APPLE COMPUTER along with STEVE WOZNIAK... and ASHTON KUTCHER has the JOBS role, look and feel on lock! 

He's photographed above with DAVID GAD, who is playing WOZNIAK.

Kutcher is so into the role, even down to the bare feet "thing" since, well, JOBS hated SHOES.

TOM CRUISE + KATIE HOLMES: Hey, paparazzi, leave SURI CRUISE alone!

Splash News // Suri Cruise goes Ethan Hunt on these paparazzi... just like daddy... 

Okay, enough is enough... 

SURI CRUISE is SIX years old. 


I mean really? Look at her face. She's clearly trying to book it past these people who just want her photo because of her mommy and daddy and the fact that they're famous or whatnot. 

Can the kid just be a kid? 

IDK, maybe it's close to Father's day and I'm feeling a bit protective... but my kiddo isn't that much older than Suri... and it's not cool to scare the kid just 'cuz you want a photo. 

She didn't ask for her mom and dad to be famous. She's a kid. SIX years old. Let her be a kid. 

Soapbox off.

Monday, June 11, 2012

JERSEY SHORE: Deena was DRUNK off her A$$! (PHOTOS)

PCN // Deena. Clearly smashed, tryina' get some... 

PCN // Deena. Drunk. Ballin'. 

PCN // Smoking, Deena ponders drunkenness before arrest... 

PCN // Deena showing her ass before her arrest. No lie. 

Well? What do you say? 

That booze is a MOFO, Deena. Trust me. It makes you act, well, cheeky. 

So cheeky. 

Totally cheeky. 

Friday, June 08, 2012

BRITNEY SPEARS: Looked AMAZING at XFACTOR USA Auditions today...

PCN // She's Britney... beotch!

Splash News // Britney is ON POINT... and looks quite smashing!
Splash News // Stunning, in white, and looking brilliant!     

Thursday, June 07, 2012

JERSEY SHORE: Situation + Deena + Sun + Smokes...

PCN // You don't need any deathsticks, Deena. You have better things to put there!

PCN // These are NOT the droids you're looking for...


PCN // Houston, we've not been able to find any intelligent life here...

See the SITUATION and DEENA... smoking, taking in the sun, and whatnot, today on the shore. The JERSEY SHORE. The Shore that makes people get freaky, make out, bone, do ridiculous things, cheat on signifigant others and more. 

Rumors are the show is in it's last season...

... and that Snooki's baby is an alien.

MILEY CYRUS: Rockin' the BLING of her RING for the world to see!

PCN // Take a look at the BLING! Miley's ring is amazing!

PCN // Miley... that ring... means everything!

PCN // BLING BLING... it's the Miley ring!

PCN // And don't eff with those abs, either!

MILEY CYRUS jetted out of LAX today... and showed off that RING! 


JERSEY SHORE: There's Snooki and her baby daddy... and Situation's family... PC

PCN // Well, there's the SNOOKI and her baby-daddy, the man who knocked her up, on a TOTALLY SPONTANEOUS WALK  on the AC Boardwalk... RIGHT. Yeah. RIGHT. 

PCN // And there goes SITUATION and his peeps... all JERZIFIED out and what not... 

HEY! Jersey Shore fans... 

Take a look at your heroes... totally all spontaneous on the board walk and whatnot. 

Yeah... we so believe this. yeah. We do. LOL.