Saturday, May 19, 2012

OUTRAGE: Restaurant takes fire for CHRIS BROWN + RIHANNA "black and blue" burger!

Splash News // The burger has some offensive stuff going on? 


This Georgia restaurant is under fire for using some "offensive" words when describing it's food creations on its Facebook page, specifically, the above pictured BLACK AND BLUE burger.

The restaurant, CHOPS AND HOPS, has used some edgy type stuff in their descriptions of their creations before, and honestly, some of the grub looks mighty tasty!

Splash News // The PAULA DEENS TYPE 2! Oh the Diabetes! 

Click on the photos for more and to enlarge the descriptions. The PEE WEE HERMAN looks mighty tasty, too!

CHOPS and HOPS is in beautiful Watkinsville, Georgia. Click here for their facebook page! 

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