Thursday, May 17, 2012

MILEY CYRUS: Skinny in Miami with her new puppy!

PCN  // Miley! Eat! You need to be healthy, girl!

MILEY CYRUS is in MIAMI... word is she's working on a new CD right now... and she's looking SKINNY in the land where thin is always IN and botox flows like water! 

Paps snapped her at her hotel... hanging on her balcony, posing with her puppy... and, well, just being Miley.

Girlfriend... love you... but eat some mac and cheese or something. You are waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy too thin!

I'm not gonna call her Anorexic-Miley or Anorexic Montana or anything because that's mean. Just mean.

Got more photos for you below... All photos from Pacific Coast News.

No, Miley, we can't see your right boob!

There will be no jokes about dogs kissing dogs, either, cuz Miley is not a dog. 

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