Thursday, May 31, 2012

MILA KUNIS: She's looking mighty healthy and less anorexic!

PCN // Mila Kunis snapped looking VERY healthy! You go girl!

MILA KUNIS was snapped by photogs looking mighty healthy today!

Paparazzi in LA snapped her leaving a nail salon, where she had just gotten herself a pedicure... and she's still one of the most amazing looking women alive... anywhere! 

Compare her photo above to her photo from back when she was promoting FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS, when it was alleged that she was banging one JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE...

Splash News // Mila Kunis... looking less healthy and very thin! EAT, girl, EAT!

... and we can deduce that she's much heather in the photo from LA than in the one from London!

Good for you, Mila! Be comfortable in your own skin, girlfriend!

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