Sunday, May 27, 2012

JUSTIN BIEBER + SELENA GOMEZ: Romantic movie date ends in fight with paparazzi!

PCN // Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez leave the movies... 

A romantic movie date with Canadian boy wonder and pop music's comeback kid, JUSTIN BIEBER and his significant other, SELENA GOMEZ, somehow went terribly wrong when a paparazzi allegedly got a bit too close to the artist, resulting in an "altercation" of some sorts! 

PCN // Something went wrong, there was
an altercation and the cops and paramedics were called! 

PCN // People were mesmerized at the sight of the spectacle... 

PCN // I don't know who these people are but they were there, too!
Fans are telling me one is Grampy Biebs and his Bodyguard! 


TMZ and others are reporting that Bieber is wanted for questioning. 

You know, it kinda sucks for Biebs. He's 18. He wants to spend time with his GF, and he can't even go to the movies with her without people trying to get in his business.

Lets see... 18 + Hormones + Lots of Money = ONE PISSED OFF CANADIAN.

Can you really blame him?

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  1. Anonymous12:09 AM

    That awkward moment when the publisher posted the last pic with the description "I dont know who these people are but they were there too" and im so obsessed that I know it's his Grandpa and his body guard lol