Monday, May 28, 2012

ASHLEY TISDALE: Looks like she's back with her dude, Scott Speer!

PCN // Ashley Tisdale and her former, but now current again man? 

Now it could just be two friends who once hooked up getting coffee...

ASHLEY TISDALE and her former man, SCOTT SPEER, who directs music videos, scored some coffee before reportedly heading to a Memorial Day BBQ with friends. 

The photo was snapped in LA.

Now, they could just be friends getting some coffee and spending some time on a holiday, so we'll refrain from saying that they're hooking up again, getting their freak on or whatnot.

Let's just hope if they are getting back together, that Speer isn't a jealous dude, because those jealous types always end up trying to be controlling douchey types, and, if they get married, they typically end up in divorce because he's just too controlling.

Ya know, it could just be two friends getting coffee...

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