Monday, May 28, 2012

ADAM LAMBERT: International Glamdimonium in Canada!

Splash News // Adam Lambert, fresh off his $40k gig at a PG County, Maryland Hotel, snapped in Canada!

Splash News // Adam Lambert saying, "I got paid, so PEACE OUT and WHATUP!"  

Splash News // Adam Lambert. International Superstar. Man of style and fashion. Well paid, indeed!

ADAM LAMBERT, fresh off scoring a $40k payday for a gig at a Prince Georges' County hotel in Maryland over the holiday weekend, took his show international, popping up in Canada this morning! 

The former Idol and Grammy nominee is in Canada, where today is NOT a holiday, to promote his new CD, Tresspassing.

Lambert has been on a frantic promotions pace as of late, hitting various radio shows in the US and more.


  1. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Now I'm curious. When did he do the Prince George's Hotel in Maryland? Friday he did Wilkes-Barre, Saturday Six Flags and Sunday the Gaylord Radio show in DC. Is the DC one the same as Prince Georges' Country Hotel?

    1. yes. the PG County Hotel is the Gaylord National, located wayyyyyyyyy outside the beltway/downtown DC area near what they're trying to develop as the "National Harbor." It's nice, but it's a HIKE... unless u take boats down the Potomac :)

  2. Anonymous4:14 PM

    I'm curious to know where you got that $40K figure. Seems awfully low for Adam Lambert. Shoot, a little after he got done with the Idol tour, he was getting $75K-$100K for private parties.

    And actually Toby, the Gaylord is not way outside the beltway. It's just 5 minutes off the beltway. Perfect location for Maryland, Virginia, and DC. You must live far away.

    I went to that show and it was so unbelievable. Have you ever got to watch him live? This was my first time and words cannot describe his live show. I was so overwhelmed.

    Love you Toby

  3. Don't wanna say where I got the $$ from but it was a well placed source close to the label and familiar with what was paid for this specific show :). I've seen him live several times... he's totally impressive. And, with the traffic over Memorial Day weekend, the potential commute time from Rockville where I am to the PG County Harbour could be anywhere from 20-30 mins to 3 hours :).

    Love you too!