Monday, May 28, 2012

ADAM LAMBERT: International Glamdimonium in Canada!

Splash News // Adam Lambert, fresh off his $40k gig at a PG County, Maryland Hotel, snapped in Canada!

Splash News // Adam Lambert saying, "I got paid, so PEACE OUT and WHATUP!"  

Splash News // Adam Lambert. International Superstar. Man of style and fashion. Well paid, indeed!

ADAM LAMBERT, fresh off scoring a $40k payday for a gig at a Prince Georges' County hotel in Maryland over the holiday weekend, took his show international, popping up in Canada this morning! 

The former Idol and Grammy nominee is in Canada, where today is NOT a holiday, to promote his new CD, Tresspassing.

Lambert has been on a frantic promotions pace as of late, hitting various radio shows in the US and more.