Sunday, May 13, 2012

AARON SORKIN: Film and TV's iconic creative force delivers massive commencement speech at Syracuse!

Splash News // Aaron Sorkin is not constipated.
The ridiculously talented creative force behind some of the best TV and movies of our time, Aaron Sorkin, delivered a massive commencement speech to Syracuse University - his alma mater - over the weekend.

The speech pretty much had all of the grandeur and power and amazement which you'd expect from the man who gave flight to President Josiah Bartlett of the WEST WING, or to President Andrew Shepard - played by Michael Douglas - from his movie The American President. 

From being a father, to cocaine addiction, to politics, Sorkin hit on all of it in his address to a class of what he called "educated dumb people."

From his speech: 

"Today is May 13th and today you graduate and the rules are about to change, and one of them is this: Decisions are made by those who show up. Don't ever forget that you're a citizen of this world.
Don't ever forget that you're a citizen of this world, and there are things you can do to lift the human spirit, things that are easy, things that are free, things that you can do every day. Civility, respect, kindness, character. You're too good for schadenfreude, you're too good for gossip and snark, you're too good for intolerance—and since you're walking into the middle of a presidential election, it's worth mentioning that you're too good to think people who disagree with you are your enemy. Unless they went to Georgetown, in which case, they can go to hell.  (Laughter)

Don't ever forget that a small group of thoughtful people can change the world. It's the only thing that ever has."

You can click here for the entire text of the speech. It's worth the read. 

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