Thursday, May 31, 2012

MILA KUNIS: She's looking mighty healthy and less anorexic!

PCN // Mila Kunis snapped looking VERY healthy! You go girl!

MILA KUNIS was snapped by photogs looking mighty healthy today!

Paparazzi in LA snapped her leaving a nail salon, where she had just gotten herself a pedicure... and she's still one of the most amazing looking women alive... anywhere! 

Compare her photo above to her photo from back when she was promoting FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS, when it was alleged that she was banging one JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE...

Splash News // Mila Kunis... looking less healthy and very thin! EAT, girl, EAT!

... and we can deduce that she's much heather in the photo from LA than in the one from London!

Good for you, Mila! Be comfortable in your own skin, girlfriend!

ADAM LAMBERT: Canadian Idol!

Splash News // Adam Lambert says YOU are sexy! 

Splash News // Adam Lambert says "my CD sales in the US are A-OK!"

Splash News // Adam Lambert. International Man of I HAVE SWAG! 

ADAM LAMBERT is taking CANADA by storm! 

Here are a few photos from his earlier interview in Montreal... soon, he'll skip the country to join QUEEN for a few weeks of rehearsals before his mega-shows in the UK with the iconic band!

Lambert is doing international radio promotion for his new CD, TRESPASSING.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MITT ROMNEY: Can't spell AMERICA, pulls greatest facepalm gaffe of campaign yet!

You just can't make this sort of thing up. 

This poor, poor Mitt Romney... 

He just can't catch a break. This week alone he admitted that the stimulus helps to grow the economy and so he won't go handing out tax breaks immediately should he - God forbid - actually win the election. And, he doesn't want people to know that his family left the US for Mexico back in the day for some weird strange polygamist reasons. 

Now, this. An app which lets people upload their photos so they can be photographed being with Mitt... for a "better Amercia."


MARK ZUCKERBERG: Facebook Billionaire honeymoons while stock is in free fall!

PCN // Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg honeymoons in Italy while his company's stock BOMBS!

PCN // It's not Priscilla Chan's fault. It's her honeymoon. She deserves it. 

PCN // Mark, a billionaire, has pulled out his flip-flops for this break, just like Harvard times. 

Mark Zuckerberg, the force behind FACEBOOK (NASDAQ: FB) and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have been honeymooning in Italy while his company, which just went public, has seen it's value go south faster than Shawn Fanning with a bag of blow and some underage interns in Palo Alto! 

Now, of course, this is a reference to the FACEBOOK movie penned by Aaron Sorkin, but the truth is there was an earthquake in Italy, leading some to wonder if it's not GOD trying to get the Facebook founder's attention while his company's stock TANKS! 

And, it should be noted that none of this is Priscilla's fault. She deserves a honeymoon. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

KRIS ALLEN: Photos from his DC visit today!

tk photos // Kris Allen at Hot 99-5 today in Washington DC.

Kris Allen brought his radio tour to a select audience today at DC's Hot 99-5... and the conversation was amazing. 

He took on TMZ, and corrected the rhetorical bunk espoused by the website, which earlier played a game of "gotcha" to make it look like Allen, who is managed by 19, the parent company behind American Idol, was no longer a fan of the show. 

The great thing about the visit was that the "controversy" did several things... most notably put Allen squarely in the pop culture spotlight, while placing attention on his new CD, which dropped last week ahead of the holiday weekend. 

All things for a reason. And in this case, the things are working out well for Allen. 

His new CD is on iTunes. Download it. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

ADAM LAMBERT: International Glamdimonium in Canada!

Splash News // Adam Lambert, fresh off his $40k gig at a PG County, Maryland Hotel, snapped in Canada!

Splash News // Adam Lambert saying, "I got paid, so PEACE OUT and WHATUP!"  

Splash News // Adam Lambert. International Superstar. Man of style and fashion. Well paid, indeed!

ADAM LAMBERT, fresh off scoring a $40k payday for a gig at a Prince Georges' County hotel in Maryland over the holiday weekend, took his show international, popping up in Canada this morning! 

The former Idol and Grammy nominee is in Canada, where today is NOT a holiday, to promote his new CD, Tresspassing.

Lambert has been on a frantic promotions pace as of late, hitting various radio shows in the US and more.

BOBBY BROWN: Does the TODAY show!

PCN // America's favorite reformed crackhead, Bobby Brown, the former hubby of the
GREAT WHITNEY HOUSTON, was on the TODAY show earlier. 

Bobby Brown performed on the TODAY SHOW earlier on NBC, perhaps proving once and for all why GOOD MORNING AMERICA on rival network ABC seems to be leading in the morning TV ratings wars as of late.

The NEW EDITION singer is reportedly working on a reality show deal and more.

ASHLEY TISDALE: Looks like she's back with her dude, Scott Speer!

PCN // Ashley Tisdale and her former, but now current again man? 

Now it could just be two friends who once hooked up getting coffee...

ASHLEY TISDALE and her former man, SCOTT SPEER, who directs music videos, scored some coffee before reportedly heading to a Memorial Day BBQ with friends. 

The photo was snapped in LA.

Now, they could just be friends getting some coffee and spending some time on a holiday, so we'll refrain from saying that they're hooking up again, getting their freak on or whatnot.

Let's just hope if they are getting back together, that Speer isn't a jealous dude, because those jealous types always end up trying to be controlling douchey types, and, if they get married, they typically end up in divorce because he's just too controlling.

Ya know, it could just be two friends getting coffee...

Sunday, May 27, 2012


This video is epic.

Howard Stern has made this dude famous... I can't believe he doesn't have more views than this!

I'm looking for the cover that SUGAR RAY did on the show of this song... it's a masterpiece.

JUSTIN BIEBER + SELENA GOMEZ: Romantic movie date ends in fight with paparazzi!

PCN // Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez leave the movies... 

A romantic movie date with Canadian boy wonder and pop music's comeback kid, JUSTIN BIEBER and his significant other, SELENA GOMEZ, somehow went terribly wrong when a paparazzi allegedly got a bit too close to the artist, resulting in an "altercation" of some sorts! 

PCN // Something went wrong, there was
an altercation and the cops and paramedics were called! 

PCN // People were mesmerized at the sight of the spectacle... 

PCN // I don't know who these people are but they were there, too!
Fans are telling me one is Grampy Biebs and his Bodyguard! 


TMZ and others are reporting that Bieber is wanted for questioning. 

You know, it kinda sucks for Biebs. He's 18. He wants to spend time with his GF, and he can't even go to the movies with her without people trying to get in his business.

Lets see... 18 + Hormones + Lots of Money = ONE PISSED OFF CANADIAN.

Can you really blame him?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

dj chris styles at ibiza...

dj chris styles at ibiza... by tobyknapp
dj chris styles at ibiza..., a photo by tobyknapp on Flickr.
what up from the club!

BEYONCE: Looks amazing at first performance after the baby!

Splash News // Beyonce sizzles through SINGLE LADIES!

BEYONCE is back! 

The BOOTYLICIOUS star - and wife of Music and Entertainment mogul JAY Z, launched into her first of four Memorial Day performances at the REVEL OVATION HALL in Atlantic City, New Jersey... and she looked amazing doing so!

Splash News // How does she look so good after the baby!?!?!

Monday, May 21, 2012

BACHELOR PAD: Josh Hutcherson snaps up Heath Ledger's pad!

PCN // Josh Hutcherson's new bachelor pad is BIG pimpin'! 


19 year old Hunger Games star JOSH HUTCHERSON ain't going hungry that's for sure... and he's just plunked down $2.5 MILLION on actor HEATH LEDGER'S old place in the Hollywood Hills! 

It seems that the odds are ever in his favor, indeed. And if a dude's home is his castle, this is quite the tribute! 

WILL SMITH: Revealing pic from that kissing thing last week



This is a SPLASH news photo from that incident last week where BIG WILLIE smacked some dude who tried to make out with him!

Check out these micro expressions!

Splash News // This gives new meaning to the phrase WET WILLIE 

WILL wants to KILL this man!

MILEY CYRUS: White blazer and BOOBS!

PCN // Hang on boob o' Miley! 
 PCN // Spectacular Miley! 

 Go on MILEY! 

Miley Cyrus was at the BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS which - in case you missed it - happened last night in Vegas - and she was wearing a white blazer and... um... not much more!

Clearly there's no bra. Clearly she might have some thong sort of thing on. But clearly, Miley is being Miley and the blazer was hanging on for dear life!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

OUTRAGE: Restaurant takes fire for CHRIS BROWN + RIHANNA "black and blue" burger!

Splash News // The burger has some offensive stuff going on? 


This Georgia restaurant is under fire for using some "offensive" words when describing it's food creations on its Facebook page, specifically, the above pictured BLACK AND BLUE burger.

The restaurant, CHOPS AND HOPS, has used some edgy type stuff in their descriptions of their creations before, and honestly, some of the grub looks mighty tasty!

Splash News // The PAULA DEENS TYPE 2! Oh the Diabetes! 

Click on the photos for more and to enlarge the descriptions. The PEE WEE HERMAN looks mighty tasty, too!

CHOPS and HOPS is in beautiful Watkinsville, Georgia. Click here for their facebook page! 

Friday, May 18, 2012


White House Photo 
Late night caption contest... What do YOU think Barack Obama is hearing/learning/being told from BILL CLINTON?!

Caption in comments below!

JONAH HILL: Mystery woman proves that SIZE DOES MATTER!

PCN // She's hot. He's Jonah Hill.

 Oh you silly Paparazzi...

You try to snap Jonah Hill, the iconic actor who is in touch with himself, insanely funny and whom is a brilliant comedic mind...

PCN // Don't be jealous. She's hot. 
PCN // Jonah Hill. Hero to big kids everywhere. 
... yet you stop to realize he's with a smoking hot brunette mystery woman who is well put together, supremely smoking hot and who seems to enjoy being with the, let me get this right, ahem...

... "full figured actor."

Oh you silly silly silly gossip news sites. It's not the size of the dog in the fight. It's the size of the fight in the dog. And in this case, the dog, Jonah Hill, just made your significant other look like, well, um...

... not on the same level.

You go on ahead, Jonah Hill. Get you some. And thanks for your entertainment, bro!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

MITT ROMNEY: Duh, I don't remember what I said, but I stand by whatever it was?!?!

You just can't make this stuff up. At all.

In fact, here's a list from the WASHINGTON POST showing all of Mitt's biggest flips... from back then... when he "doesn't remember what he said..." to now! 

This guy wants to be President? Are you kidding me???



Source: Buzzfeed. 

MILEY CYRUS: Skinny in Miami with her new puppy!

PCN  // Miley! Eat! You need to be healthy, girl!

MILEY CYRUS is in MIAMI... word is she's working on a new CD right now... and she's looking SKINNY in the land where thin is always IN and botox flows like water! 

Paps snapped her at her hotel... hanging on her balcony, posing with her puppy... and, well, just being Miley.

Girlfriend... love you... but eat some mac and cheese or something. You are waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy too thin!

I'm not gonna call her Anorexic-Miley or Anorexic Montana or anything because that's mean. Just mean.

Got more photos for you below... All photos from Pacific Coast News.

No, Miley, we can't see your right boob!

There will be no jokes about dogs kissing dogs, either, cuz Miley is not a dog. 

KIMYE: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West do London!

PCN photo // Kim Kardashian clearly dresses for attention... 
America's cultural ambassadors, Kim Kardashian and her beau, the right honorable Kanye West, took to the UK today, making an appearance at BBC Radio ONE after dining in London with President Carter - aka JAY Z - last evening. 

Clearly relishing in her role as America's cultural example of how to do about everything right - from sex tapes to marriages (she's bombed in two so far), Kardashian is dressed in fine, virginal white clothes, appearing well put together for the festivities at the BBC. 

Kanye... however... is wearing clothes. And we're not talking SUNDAY BEST. 

How long until this blessed union of two goes down in flames? 

More photos are below... Kim's signing autographs... Kanye? Well, he seems to be, well, Kanye. 

PCN photo // Kanye West, however, don't give a f**k.

PCN photo // Yeah, Kanye-badger don't care.

PCN photo // Clearly Kim-badger does. #famehosayit