Friday, April 20, 2012

Howard Stern: Right effing on.

Thank you, Howard Stern.

Radio's pre-eminent personality dished some truth recently about things... while talking about his desire to return to terrestrial radio.

To quote this story: 

And that’s what got me thinking: I should go back to terrestrial radio. I think in a week I could have the number one radio show again. I don’t see anyone out there that can compete with me. I don’t. I’m here six years and nothing’s changed. Radio still fuckin’ sucks. No innovators. Nothing — nothing going on.

Now, I do think some people in regular radio are innovating. I work everyday with some of radio's true innovators... including one who I've had the honor of working with not once, but twice, whom everyone else blatantly rips off, so I'll disagree with Howard and say that I think some of us innovate... but I get his frustration... this lack of innovation industry-wide is disturbing and he's right on for saying so...

... AND his return to terrestrial radio would be a welcome boom to the environment and the medium. And to content artists everywhere.

His upcoming stint on America's Got Talent will make him a household name... and more than a "shock jock..." He's about to become a bigger name than the biggest name on the radio right now...

Howard - come back to terrestrial radio. Or, find a way to do both... SiriusXM and free radio. And give the industry a swift kick in the creative ass.

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