Saturday, April 28, 2012

GOOGLE: selling GALAXY NEXUS direct is a BFD!

I'm an Apple guy. I love my Mac, my Verizon enabled iPad, my digital life is powered by all things Apple...

... except my phone.

See, I love TMOBILE and I've had 'em since 2002, when I got my first Blackberry. I've stayed with them since, even after endorsing other services, because, honestly, their customer service and commitment to my satisfaction is unparalleled by any other phone company, except for, well, APPLE.

So, I got the best you can get. If you're not going to go with Apple's iPhone, well, to me, you have to go with Google and whatever they're offering. I've had the Nexus S since it came out and it's a great experience. They've done an amazing thing with Ice Cream Sandwich, and, truthfully, it's the second best experience, to me, to iOS. 

But today, I discovered Google selling the Galaxy Nexus - which is an amazing phone - unlocked, for any carrier - and I ordered it. It's a pretty big effing deal since TMO didn't have the phone - and doesn't offer the phone - for whatever reason.

The Galaxy Nexus is the "flagship" Google Android experience. It's the next evolution of my phone, and it seems to - technically speaking - be pretty much amazing.

Google selling the phone directly to consumers is a BFD... a big effing deal... and the reason why is because it puts Google's best device - with GOOGLE WALLET - in the hands of so many users and it also puts the marquee Google PLAY experience in the hands of so many people who cherish their freedom with mobile devices.

And I want Google Wallet. This idea toward commerce - where the mobile device with enhanced encryption replaces the wallet - intrigues me. The phone companies and mobile carriers are opposed to it because they wanted to come with their own sort of app for this, which allows them to take a percentage or fee per each transaction, and Google said, "eff that, we'll beat you to the punch..."

With Google distributing the devices at a reduced price directly to users who can use 'em... where ever they want... the company end runs the carriers to the end zone... the user's bankbook... which means even MORE money for Google! Total win-win for Google... and for their users!

I'm assuming Google gets a piece of each Google Wallet transaction, not to mention the invaluable personal information they can glean from my purchases, my spending habits, the apps I get from the Google Play store, the videos I view, the documents I upload, the photos I take and more. That's a TON of immeasurable data and the value of which is, well, just amazing.

I'll use this until Apple comes with an unlocked, in the wild iPhone which can work on TMO without some damn EDGE speed restrictions... and then, I'll probably take my TMO sim card and port it, but until that day comes, I'm pretty convinced this is the best of the best - and, trusting Google, I think this is the best off iPhone experience I can have so far.

I'll let you know here. But it's a big effing deal. If you're on TMO or ATT, and not down with iPhone, and you don't want a contract to hold you down... this is awesome... and you should check it out and consider it if and when you can.

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The phone is the only device sold in Google Play's new device store.

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  1. Anonymous1:49 AM

    I'm waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S3 to decide if I'll get that or get this phone. Thanks for the info!