Saturday, April 28, 2012

GOOGLE: selling GALAXY NEXUS direct is a BFD!

I'm an Apple guy. I love my Mac, my Verizon enabled iPad, my digital life is powered by all things Apple...

... except my phone.

See, I love TMOBILE and I've had 'em since 2002, when I got my first Blackberry. I've stayed with them since, even after endorsing other services, because, honestly, their customer service and commitment to my satisfaction is unparalleled by any other phone company, except for, well, APPLE.

So, I got the best you can get. If you're not going to go with Apple's iPhone, well, to me, you have to go with Google and whatever they're offering. I've had the Nexus S since it came out and it's a great experience. They've done an amazing thing with Ice Cream Sandwich, and, truthfully, it's the second best experience, to me, to iOS. 

But today, I discovered Google selling the Galaxy Nexus - which is an amazing phone - unlocked, for any carrier - and I ordered it. It's a pretty big effing deal since TMO didn't have the phone - and doesn't offer the phone - for whatever reason.

The Galaxy Nexus is the "flagship" Google Android experience. It's the next evolution of my phone, and it seems to - technically speaking - be pretty much amazing.

Google selling the phone directly to consumers is a BFD... a big effing deal... and the reason why is because it puts Google's best device - with GOOGLE WALLET - in the hands of so many users and it also puts the marquee Google PLAY experience in the hands of so many people who cherish their freedom with mobile devices.

And I want Google Wallet. This idea toward commerce - where the mobile device with enhanced encryption replaces the wallet - intrigues me. The phone companies and mobile carriers are opposed to it because they wanted to come with their own sort of app for this, which allows them to take a percentage or fee per each transaction, and Google said, "eff that, we'll beat you to the punch..."

With Google distributing the devices at a reduced price directly to users who can use 'em... where ever they want... the company end runs the carriers to the end zone... the user's bankbook... which means even MORE money for Google! Total win-win for Google... and for their users!

I'm assuming Google gets a piece of each Google Wallet transaction, not to mention the invaluable personal information they can glean from my purchases, my spending habits, the apps I get from the Google Play store, the videos I view, the documents I upload, the photos I take and more. That's a TON of immeasurable data and the value of which is, well, just amazing.

I'll use this until Apple comes with an unlocked, in the wild iPhone which can work on TMO without some damn EDGE speed restrictions... and then, I'll probably take my TMO sim card and port it, but until that day comes, I'm pretty convinced this is the best of the best - and, trusting Google, I think this is the best off iPhone experience I can have so far.

I'll let you know here. But it's a big effing deal. If you're on TMO or ATT, and not down with iPhone, and you don't want a contract to hold you down... this is awesome... and you should check it out and consider it if and when you can.

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The phone is the only device sold in Google Play's new device store.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

RADIO: Flipping the format...

I'm thinking a bit about format flips tonight. 

It's always sad when this happens, IMHO. It's a sign that something failed in the eyes of someone... and that things can... or could... probably be done a better way. 

But what a format flip is NOT is a referendum on the talent - the people - behind a radio station. And, yes, there are still some people behind some radio stations... who are behind the mic making that magic happen.

Not everything is voice tracked. And, not everything is in the control of those in the trenches everyday, fighting to do the best they can with what they've been given.

Sometimes, sh*t just doesn't work out. It is what it is. And so, changes have to be made to meet goals, whatever.

That's business. And in the end, the business of radio... is business.

As a boss I have says, "you've gotta just keep it movin'."

Anyway, I'm sure that anyone could armchair quarterback any format flip. You could say that "maybe if we had some more marketing money," or if "maybe we'd have played this music or that music..." or "maybe if we had this programmer or that programmer..."

I'm sure there are a million things which could be said. But it won't change... what is changing. And it won't make it any better for those who are facing what is to come...

If you've been through a format flip... or you're going through one... and you're on the talent side of the equation... know that people who get it... know you did your best. Hopefully your friends in higher places will acknowledge this and look out for you... if your heart was in it, and your attitude was one which makes friends and doesn't burn bridges. If you've done your best, great things will continue to come.

Good luck and God bless...

MITT ROMNEY'S MERCINARIES: Romney's SuperPAC planning to spend millions...

 Get ready for the onslaught of Mitt Romney spew... as his SUPERPAC is set to launch a massive ad campaign... 

... here's a look at their "press release..." 

CONTACT: Levi Russell at or (703)224-3200

Ad Campaign & Grassroots Action Sets Tone for 2012
ARLINGTON, VA - Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the nation's largest advocate of economic freedom, today announces that a massive new TV ad effort launches this week in conjunction with numerous grassroots events around the country.
The multi-million dollar ad buy will be supported by rallies and events taking place over the next several weeks. "This new TV ad combined with our social media and boots on the ground approach pulls back the curtain on an important component of our strategy and focus this year," said AFP President Tim Phillips. "We're going to be shining a spotlight on something so important, President Obama himself will be forced to take notice."
So far in 2012, AFP has already dedicated significant resources to holding the President accountable for his record on spending, energy, and health care, and educating the public on the economic impact of these failed policies.
Details of the ad launch, including overall strategy, timing, and particulars of the robust grassroots effort will be revealed at a press conference on Thursday, April 26.
Members of the media wishing more information are invited to RSVP to Levi Russell at

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is a nationwide organization of citizen-leaders committed to advancing every individual’s right to economic freedom and opportunity. AFP believes reducing the size and intrusiveness of government is the best way to promote individual productivity and prosperity for all Americans. Americans for Prosperity does not support or oppose candidates for public office. For more information, visit

MITT ROMNEY: About jobs and unemployment...

Question: With all this talk from Mitt Romney about "jobs" and "people out of work" and whatnot, have we stopped to ask how many jobs were ELIMINATED from companies OWNED by the businesses which pay Mitt millions... even now? 

So, how exactly is it right that these people are out of work... while he and his companies get paid and paid and paid?

Something doesn't make too much sense with this, does it?

Not a sermon... just a thought.

Monday, April 23, 2012

MITT ROMNEY: tells students worried about loans to GO TO CHEAPER COLLEGE!

MITT ROMNEY thinks you need to go to a cheaper college... That's right. You're worried about student loan debt? Screw your education. Go to a cheaper college. #fail. Maybe you can get a job at one of his businesses before he fires the workers there so he can make more money.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

HOWARD STERN: Hey, CNN, get off Howard's BALLS...

DON LEMON, I love you... but Howard Stern hasn't jumped the shark.

This bullshiz on CNN tonight has me a bit poopypants and I'll be honest about why: It's ridiculous to say Howard Stern has jumped the shark because YOU feel he's talking about AMERICA'S GOT TALENT  too much on his SIRIUS XM show.

I just watched this CNN story and it's whack. Sure, Howard had his lawsuit tossed... but that has nothing to do with his ability to move an audience or to command amazing conversations. For you to bring this up --- and YOU know who YOU are ---- is wrong.

Howard had a right to call out this Judd whomever the eff he is. The conversation was lame. It was about some movie with some actor. Howard isn't about rules... that's why he can talk to Benji Bronk and make it amazing. He "gets" how to weave it all together.

Maybe he's psyched that he's about to be introduced to the MASSES on this more family friendly show... maybe he's psyched that he's about to bring to so many nightly the next evolution of his talent. It's HIS show... he's earned the right to talk about whatever the eff he wants to talk about. Period.

Long post short: Get off Howard Stern's balls. He's earned what hes' got. And he gets to do it his way.

Enough said.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

PIC: Funny pic from REDDIT...


BOOBS: Best. Piano. Player. Ever.

This is too hot for the iheartradio sites, but I am posting it here to put the GOP types in the right mood for Tampa. 

Back to the broadcast!

REPUBLICANS: Tampa strip clubs are ready for GOP BONEANZA... are the paparazzi??!

The TAMPA BAY TIMES has a story about the steps the adult entertainment establishment - aka - the STRIP CLUBS - are taking to woo the GOP faithful, the bastions of moral fidelity, who are making their way to the city on the Bay for their big Convention to nominate Mitt the Meh Romney to take on Barack Obama.

It's funny. It's shocking. And, it's true. And, it's going to be BIG business for the strippers, and for the clubs which give them a place to dance on various laps and poles.

Anyone know how the local Tampa paparazzi scene is so far? This could be an AMAZING second income opportunity for anyone in the bay with a good camera!

Click here for more. 

If I were a pap, I'd stake out at: 

Mons and Odyssey - they're across the street from eachother so game on.
Or some of the other, less well known ones which are no doubt going to be ON and POPPIN!

If I were MSNBC, or CNN, or ABC, I'd park crews there, too. I'd list FOX but they won't because, well, you know, the GOP faithfun aren't the type to go into these places. Right.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Howard Stern: Right effing on.

Thank you, Howard Stern.

Radio's pre-eminent personality dished some truth recently about things... while talking about his desire to return to terrestrial radio.

To quote this story: 

And that’s what got me thinking: I should go back to terrestrial radio. I think in a week I could have the number one radio show again. I don’t see anyone out there that can compete with me. I don’t. I’m here six years and nothing’s changed. Radio still fuckin’ sucks. No innovators. Nothing — nothing going on.

Now, I do think some people in regular radio are innovating. I work everyday with some of radio's true innovators... including one who I've had the honor of working with not once, but twice, whom everyone else blatantly rips off, so I'll disagree with Howard and say that I think some of us innovate... but I get his frustration... this lack of innovation industry-wide is disturbing and he's right on for saying so...

... AND his return to terrestrial radio would be a welcome boom to the environment and the medium. And to content artists everywhere.

His upcoming stint on America's Got Talent will make him a household name... and more than a "shock jock..." He's about to become a bigger name than the biggest name on the radio right now...

Howard - come back to terrestrial radio. Or, find a way to do both... SiriusXM and free radio. And give the industry a swift kick in the creative ass.

Monday, April 16, 2012


BUZZFEED has done some amazing stuff with their political coverage this year... and they've aced the news networks with this GEM... 


Um, dawg, you've gotta win first. And that ain't gonna happen.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

ISRAEL: "Welcome" letter to activists is awesome!

Truth: Israel makes a pretty amazing point in this letter. 

Let me translate this from diplomatic-speak to English: 

Israel just told some activists "WHATS UP" and to "HOLLA BACK" with a dose of "AND WHAT" thrown in for good measure. 

And - there's none of that Dead Sea hand and nail crap in this note, either.

Democracy frees people to do amazing things. Unleash that on the Mid East and watch what happens.

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MITT and ANN ROMNEY: Struggling so much as students, they had to sell STOCK...

Mitt and Ann Romney struggled so much as students, she says, they had to sell stock to survive. 



ONE DIRECTION: Other Direction from US say they're not scared of Simon Cowell!

They're not afraid of SIMON COWELL...

The OTHER One Direction - from the US - who say they're going to sue the REAL ONE DIRECTION - from the UK - have just done this interview and they say they're not scared or confused when it comes to SIMON COWELL.

What do YOU say of this drama?

(Yes this is a break from political drama... just for a second... because there's more drama in this life than the Mitt Rominator going at the President.)

MITT ROMNEY: Your choice for choice, anti-life leadership!

Not sure why he doesn't like this video very much...

Here are a few more he'd like to forget. 

Americans deserve better. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

MITT ROMNEY: Happy anniversary, Romneycare!

Today, we celebrate the anniversary of Mitt Romney's Universal Healthcare initiative in Massachusetts... Which HE signed into law back in 2006.

Thank you, Mitt... Thank you for ROMNEY CARE... the blueprint for OBAMACARE... which guarantees health rights -- and human rights -- to all from Sea to Shining Sea.


Mitt Romney. Father of Universal Healthcare. Happy anniversary!


Read more here.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rick Santorum: No longer spreading, but I will say this about him...

Rick Santorum quits race... 

Rick Santorum left the Presidential race today, just days after he suspended campaigning to be with his daughter, Bella, who is ill... a move which really underscores - to me - the kind of father this man is. 

You have to respect that in the man. At least that's what I think...

Now, I will say this: I don't really support some of the very extreme positions Santorum espoused as a candidate, but I'll say this: He's a good and decent man, and a great father. He loves this country very much. And, he knows what he believes. He'll go to the mat for what he believes and because he's a fighter - and he is - he's made his party - the GOP - take a hard look at the things they say they believe, and the things which they've compromised on to reach a point where 'etch-a-sketch-as-the-wind-blows' politics have brought them what appears to be their 'best' chance to take on President Obama. 

Santorum has deep seeded faith, and that's admirable. You have to believe in SOMETHING in this life, and be ballsy enough to stand for it, regardless of what the world thinks, and Santorum has - and continues - to go to stay true to his internal compass... something that you can't say about Mitt Romney, who has already proven he'll say anything and do anything and spend whatever he can because he feels entitled to the highest office in the land. 

Anyway, this is about Rick and not Mehh...

I'm not a fan of Rick's politics, but am a fan of the man. And like my grandfather always said, it's about the person at the end of the day over the views of a political party. And Rick is a good man. I'd not vote for him, but I'd have a beer or two with him. 

I wish him the best as he continues to fight for what he believes and takes part in the discourse in our country. It's the diversity of opinions which makes this country so amazing... and while I don't agree with him very much, I'm glad he's brought his spirit to the conversation on this level. 

God bless your family and your daughter, Senator... father to father, I pray she gets well...