Monday, February 06, 2012

SUPER BOWL: This might as well have been a Barack Obama commercial...

The one thing I know is that all this negative stuff from one side of the political spectrum seems to have tired people out.

We've heard enough division lately. From Congress... to these primary campaigns... you can't watch the news without someone spewing hate about another, and then, you see commercials during the news and it's more of the same. Americans... talking worse about Americans... and their President... than those who want wipe us off the face of the map do. And one of these people spewing this vile... wants to be President?

I'm pretty confident Obama is going to win his re-election because we've made some amazing progress. Agree with him or hate to agree with him, you have to agree that America is moving again. Detroit is making amazing cars. People are going back to work. Roads are getting fixed, and people are starting that comeback. Our troops are coming home. Our wars are at an end. And while you want to disagree with whatever you want to disagree with, you have to agree with this: With a little help... and with sometimes a push... we pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps and said, "wait just a minute... we're not done yet..." Some have tried to stop us. Even the banks - as we're now learning - have worked against us. At times our leaders have done their best to delay it. But we're moving. Again. Forward... to the future we know we can have... that we deserve.

How far we've come in four years.

This spot might as well have been an Obama re-election commercial. Because, in it, the path and tone and record of the spot... telling the story of Detroit and the automakers there... and how they pulled together... and how they got 'help' from the people... to make the engine roar again...

... well, that might as well be the American story over the last 4 years.

How far we've come. In four years. In over 200 years.

One of these people running for President has this slogan... urging us to believe in America...

... well sir, you can put that sign away.

America... never stopped believing in it's self.


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