Friday, January 27, 2012

iTunes and iTunes Radio: Unacceptable Business Practices?

Now what exactly does this mean? 

Was working with Google's AdWORDS earlier today on a project and, when I was modifying some keywords for something, Google's automated keyword management system kicked back a couple of keywords to me... now, this is not uncommon. Happens all the time. 

But these were interesting to me. 

iTunes and iTunes radio stations can't be used. They're "words related to unacceptable business practices." 

Thus sayeth Google. 

Google Music didn't get kicked back, however. 

I'm not sure if the unacceptable business stems from the stuff in the news about CHINA and labor practices that Apple may or may not know about LOL... or if this stems from the fact that Google's MUSIC service is trying to take on iTunes... 

... but either way it was interesting to me and I thought I'd share. 


  1. Just had the same issue, I think itunes been flagged for awhile though.. I saw someone complainging about this in a post couple years old.