Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's all the same...

One of the great things that comes with experience is that you get to see a few things. 

And after a while, you get to see a few things which get done different ways.

But funny, the more things seem different, the more you realize they're actually the same.

Some call sweepers imagers and positioners. Others call 'em drops and stabs. Still others prefer jingles or breakers.

They're all the same.

The category names may be different,  but the end result is the same. And almost remarkably - but maybe not so much - the most successful ways of doing things always seem to be the same. As if they share the same DNA. The language may change, the methods might be slightly different, but in the end, it's all the same.


Thanks for reading.

PS: I was kinda inspired to start blogging here a bit more on certain 'things' by a couple of people. I guess it did just kinda stop, didn't it. Ken Lucek.

And Joe Riccitelli has nothing to do with this post.


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