Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who deserves credit...

The thing about any market, regardless of where it is, is that you have to understand that no two people are the same.

One is poor, working four jobs, trying just to stay above water - and in some cases, alive. While another is obscenely rich, with more than we could ever imagine, and without a care for anyone who can't help to benefit his or her so-called "station" in life.

One has a disdain for the other. The other... has a disdain for those "beneath them..."

Which side do you want to be "stationed" with?

Before you decide, know this: there are far fewer of one than the other.

Good luck with your choice.

In this game, our "station" is never set. It's always just "ahead..." 

Today, DM had a sign up in his studio which summed up a feeling in which I believe. You can ask him about it, and why it's important, but long story short, you can know this:

Every day, it's necessary to re-apply for the "station" this life has afforded you. Because the post you have isn't yours. It's temporary. And it doesn't - nor will it ever - belong to you.

So re-apply. And prove again that you're worthy of the position.

Show that you deserve the "station" in which they've placed you. And the heights to which they've afforded you.

Here's to filling out an application every time we turn on the mic.


And, DC, thank you once again. I re-apply daily. And I thank you for allowing me the blessing -- and privilege -- to do what I do for you every day.

Please know that I thank you. And I'm aware that it's because of you... that I'm allowed to be.


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