Thursday, May 19, 2011

Changing the world...

Tonight, an old friend had an astute observation and comment on the world.

And specifically, on why radio is - and will always be - important.

We were chatting over dinner about what we do and the comment came up that in some businesses, people teach. Others save lives. Others heal. And an observation was made that in "radio, it's not like you're saving the world."

That's when my friend said something so powerful: 

"No. You are saving the world. Here's why. Radio takes music and plays songs from our artists for 16, 17, 18 year old boys who were made fun of, who were picked on in High School, and gives them an escape... it gives them hope that one day, they can do the same thing... have a song on the radio..." 

Tommy Page - who works as a VP for Warner Brothers now, and who had a pop hit back in the day as an artist in the NKOTB era - was talking about himself. 

His words - which I might have paraphrased a bit here - should remind us all of the amazing power we all have... and that radio still commands. 

We can change the world. And do. One life at a time. 

That's the power of radio, folks. And it's alive and well. It's waves are all around you right now. And somewhere, something we're broadcasting - on the air, or online - is changing someone's life.

And that - is changing the world.

Well said, Tommy. Well said.


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