Tuesday, April 05, 2011

An open letter to the President and Members of Congress...

Dear Honorables,

Do you realize the real harm your political posturing and pandering is causing people? 

Right now, all across the country, thousands of families who work for the American people - from the National Parks to the IRS - who do tireless work which is, frankly, something you can't quite comprehend, will be out of work, and out of pay.
Your staffers - will be out of work - and out of pay. 

Paychecks for the troops in the Middle East and Afghanistan - will be delayed.

And people living with an economy already on shaky footing - will be cast carelessly into the abyss of uncertain. 

The stress level of ordinary Americans is through the roof right now, and people are scared and nervous. People are anxious. They want answers and this stuff is just scaring folks.

Because you are pandering, political and playing chicken with people's lives. 

Frankly, let me tell you on behalf of the American people what they're thinking. 
STFU and get this fixed.

GOP - you guys broke the balanced budget. Your administrations lied to us and went to an unjust and unnecessary war, spent trillions and spent us into oblivion over Iraq and whatnot. If we're being honest, you are the ones who blew it. Your party jacked this economy up so badly it's taken us years just to get back to this point. And we're living with the long term pain of your bailouts of Wall Street and Banks who screwed people and we're living with the hangover of your unbridled military-related spending. Shut up and get things fixed. And cut the amnesia act. It's just not becoming.

Dems - Don't fight stupid ideological fights. Get this done. Hold the line on what you were sent there to do and get it done. 

POTUS - show some balls. Get in there and mix it up with these fools. Enough is enough. It's not time to be cerebral and wishy washy. Get in there, take a stand and challenge these fools to a fight on behalf of the American people. Use that bully pulpit and rhetorically kick they're ass. We need a leader, and a hero. You were elected to be both. Get in the mothereffing ring. 

Threatening a shutdown of the Government is just weak. We're better than this. Get to work. 

And stop listening to the lobbyists and special interests who don't give a flying eff about the American people. They helped cause these problems, too. Be better than this.

Thank you.


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