Monday, March 21, 2011

Howard Stern's lessons to radio...

I just read Howard Stern's story in Rolling Stone.

That's a magazine.

You know, the things we used to read for show prep?

Yeah, they're still here.

And what I read was worth the cost of a subscription for a lifetime.

Howard Stern has some amazing insights - about now, about where we've been, about where we're going as an industry...

... but more importantly, he's got some personal observations about life in this game we all need to read.

I found myself agreeing more often than not.

I'm a Stern fan. I'm not ashamed to say it. Those who are - in radio - are liars. How can you not support a man who did it his way, better the rest, and in a way where he made a difference?

This story in Rolling Stone, written by Neil Strauss (of the GAME fame)  is a doctorate level course in personality radio. Read it and learn about yourself, about what we do and about how to survive...

... and about how to find your life - outside of radio - as a result.

Anyone in radio can crack jokes and play the biggest songs on the radio. Howard knew to be remembered, you'd have to do -- and say -- something else. And you'd have to do it in a way where you weren't afraid of getting fired, getting lectured... or afraid of fear. What a lesson was this read. If you don't read it - and learn from it - well, there's not much anyone can do for your or your career.

It was - and is - amazing.

Well done, Howard. And thank you.

From Washington DC,


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