Wednesday, March 30, 2011

For Kyla... on your seventh birthday...

For Kyla... on your 7th birthday.

Thank you, my daughter, for making me realize what it takes...

... to be a man.

I love you,


PS - Since you can really read now, this is for you from last year... :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Howard Stern's lessons to radio...

I just read Howard Stern's story in Rolling Stone.

That's a magazine.

You know, the things we used to read for show prep?

Yeah, they're still here.

And what I read was worth the cost of a subscription for a lifetime.

Howard Stern has some amazing insights - about now, about where we've been, about where we're going as an industry...

... but more importantly, he's got some personal observations about life in this game we all need to read.

I found myself agreeing more often than not.

I'm a Stern fan. I'm not ashamed to say it. Those who are - in radio - are liars. How can you not support a man who did it his way, better the rest, and in a way where he made a difference?

This story in Rolling Stone, written by Neil Strauss (of the GAME fame)  is a doctorate level course in personality radio. Read it and learn about yourself, about what we do and about how to survive...

... and about how to find your life - outside of radio - as a result.

Anyone in radio can crack jokes and play the biggest songs on the radio. Howard knew to be remembered, you'd have to do -- and say -- something else. And you'd have to do it in a way where you weren't afraid of getting fired, getting lectured... or afraid of fear. What a lesson was this read. If you don't read it - and learn from it - well, there's not much anyone can do for your or your career.

It was - and is - amazing.

Well done, Howard. And thank you.

From Washington DC,


The List (3/21)

After a break of too long, here's your list: 

Howard Stern
Gary Dell'Abate
Robin Quivers
Fred Norris
Artie Lange
Bob Pittman
Shelby Case
Meghan McKenna
Ron "Big Rig' Michaels

Honorable Mention: 

The artist formerly known as Doubledown
Jack Daniels
Damian Sabitello

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Seth Godin's got a quick read, called Graceful. 

It's 88 pages on iTunes Bookstore.

It's a power read. A quick read, too.

You can get it for cheap on Amazon. 

You should. You'll finish it in less than 30 minutes if you read it straight through.

If you think you're leading in, say, radio, or where you think radio is going, and you are anxious, or afraid, I'd get the book.


Because if you're anxious or afraid, you're losing.


Read the book.

Off to poke the box now... thanks for reading!

Tuesday and Wednesday Lists...

The list. Tuesday (3/15)

Alissa Pollack
Patrick Davis
Billy the Kidd
Spyder Harrison
Kid Kelly
Showbiz Shelly
Jordan (Chicago)
Ross Grierson
Denny Bleh
Michael Bryan

The list. Wednesday (3/16) 

Jay Stevens
Andrea Ganis
Tony Coles
Jaqueline Saturn
Joe Riccitelli
Laurie DiMartina
David Ravikoff
Ron Cerrito
Ken Lucek
Bryan Jordan

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday's list...

Alyssa Pollack
Kid Kelly
Infant Sorrow
Steve Jobs
Sid Kelly
Sergio from Pinnacle Records
The Rainbow Bar and Grill in Hollywood
Katie Summers
Laurie DeMartina
Ron Cerrito

Honorable Mention:

Theresa Wiltshire formerly of 98 Rock Baltimore. How you like her now?

Memo to real radio gangstas... others are paying attention to what others say... not what you spew...

Real gangsta a$$ ____ don't flex nuts... cuz real gangsta s$$ _____ know they got em.

Ponder and apply to your current radio situation. Then go feed the poor and help the poor out with their bills. Or realize that Japan is in crisis and the world is a far more important place than you you realize while looking inside at your own worldview...

How you like that gimmick. Houston represent.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Battles, wars, conflict.

I'm reminded more and more when I look at the world that we fight battles every day. Some we choose to fight. Others we have to fight. Some we fight because we're working to live a certain lifestyle. Some we live to fight because that is our lifestyle.

Every battle is won before it's fought. And most battles are won in the mind before they're fought.

So, if you live knowing you've already won the fight in advance, you live victoriously, right?

Live your life today... and work so you can live it!

The List....

... for Wednesday.

The other Brody in Orlando
Showbiz Shelly
Bobbi Silver
Don Coddington
Andrea Ganis
Lora Helstrom
Rob Wagman
Jonathan Reed

Honorable Mention: Vinny the SIN and Stan "The Man" Priest.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Monday and Tuesday LISTS...

Here's Monday... 

Mick Lee
Jackson Blue
Kevin Weatherly
Michelle Boros
Bob Weil
Tommy Page
Ed Pinka
John Bolous
Phil Kaso


Samantha Brenner
Lora Helstrom
David Ravikoff
Jeff Hurley
Tommy Nappi
Joe Daddio
Chris "Hollywood" Mann
Eric Chase (FLZ)
Kelly Kelly Kelly

"A" List - Tommy Chuck

Let he or she who has ears to hear.... let them hear!

Friday, March 04, 2011

The list... (3/4)

Rick Vaughn
Joe Daddio
Joel Denver
Bob Burke
Wendy Wild
Tony Coles
Samantha Brenner
Jim Payne
Jonathan Reed
Michael Bryan

Mad dubstep props to: Josh Cunningham

The Art of War....

Sun-Tzu says, to wit...

... the warrior who wins, doesn't need to pound the chest in front of the world.

In fact, people who do that - generally fail epically.

Look at Charlie Sheen.

Rather, the lesson taught here today is this:

Winning happens. It worries about what is happening, and doesn't look at what might be happening.

It just keeps winning.

Here's to the spoils which come ; )

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The list... (3/2)

Sid Kelly
Billy Hammond
Rod Hendrix
Danny Ocean
Kelly K.
Kid Kelly
Mark McCarthy
TJ Foxx
Tony Coles
Brian Bridgman

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The list (3/1)

Bob Pittman
Tommy Chuck
Mark "Tik Tak" Allen
Rob Wagman
Bob Burke
Joel Denver
Brotha Fred
Lee Leipsner

Special recognition for:

David Ravikoff

The "List" was inspired by Capitol File Magazine's "List" that I made for some reason.

Hey, Jerry...

Dear Jerry,

Nanny nanny boo boo!

Maybe there's a bias here, but did Bob Pittman just make you his beotch?

Clear Channel + Thumbplay + Renegotiated note til 2024 = WINNER

We're an F-18 bro. We've got Tiger blood. Gnarly. 

The list...

In the spirit of Capitol File Magazine's DC list, here's a list...

Lee Leipsner
Jason Prinzo
John McMann
Lora Helstrom
Tony Smith
David Perl
Joe Riccitelli
Joe Daddio
Sherry Alagheband
Chris "Hollywood" Mann