Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Radio isn't dead. It doesn't suck.

There's a blog which is written by a radio guy who basically says that radio is "dead." 

That 'radio sucks.' 

Yeah, he's gonna be on someone's 'short list' for a great gig soon. Who wouldn't want such powerful optimism on their team. What an asset, right?


What a joke.

As you can imagine, the blog basically pines away for a time when business wasn't business, profit margins weren't profit margins, and before consolidation did what, well, it did to radio.

You know, it's easy to look back and say, "what if it was the way it was."

But, then isn't now. It can't be. It's the past.

The past, is gone.

Rather than looking back at a time which can't come again, why not take a look at the future and ask what can be done to make sure you stay valuable, to make sure your content stays compelling, and to ensure that you've always got a voice and place at the table of change and evolution which is the new medium of content delivery today?

Rather than using a negative connotation to describe a viable industry, why don't you figure out what you can do to stay viable?

Rather than bitching about studio naming rights, and commercial free hours which are brought to you by Jack-In-The-Box, why not find new ways to entertain on air and online?

Cut. Paste. Comment. Hope you don't get caught for using someone else's photo.

Weak. Just weak. Whimpering from the peanut gallery. Weak.

The business of business... is business.

Radio - is a business. We're in the content business, so that people can expose their messages to our audience.

The compelling will win.

The chronic complainers - are on the sidelines - or are already out of the game.

Let's keep writing our future as masters of our own destiny.

Radio isn't dead. The shows on our stations - and the talent delivering these shows - don't suck.

Rather, our talent and our industry are evolving. They're just getting warmed up.
Make sure what you're doing will make it impossible for your bosses - and for the industry - to live without you.

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