Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Planned obsolescence

Today, the pulse-Burner in our building stopped by the studio for a quick chat. While it was more related to photographic gear, he mentioned a phrase which is fascinating:

Planned obsolescence. 

It's the intentional plan that says what is new now, will not be so new in a year, and basically says that you'll want what's next. And so goes the cycle.

While talking, it occurred that we've been living planned obsolescence since we were born. We were an idea, that became an action, which became a human after gestation, which, after further review, is added too in the form of a new sibling, or is allowed to continue to gestate through life until the ultimate obsolescence.

Cest la vie, right?

While that might be life, it doesn't have to be how we live our lives, does it?

Defy planned obsolescence. Don't let some so-called engineer tell you that you're done -- or when you're done. Rather, make yourself someone who will never be irrelevant.

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