Monday, February 07, 2011

Merge-oh-rama and a prophecy...

The fireworks in media came after the big game earlier tonight.


AOL buys Huffington Post, renames itself HUFFINGTON POST MEDIA GROUP, Arianna Huffington, the liberal darling, assumes control of ALL AOL editorial.

Welcome. You've got... content!

This is big, because AOL knows to survive, it's gotta be a conduit for original content, and not a regurgitation site of "right click, save as, post" content.

Here's one to ponder... 

Which major radio group will purchase AOL... or a similar service... soon? Remember, this might also include Sirius/XM... 


Which major radio group will merge with Sirius/XM soon? 


We're not deejays anymore. We're not just presenters.

We're content artists. Our platforms is global, and our output is written... and spoken. Seen... and heard.

Buckle up, homies... that next wave just crashed... and the next one... is coming.

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