Friday, February 18, 2011

Labor, organizing and Wisconsin...

Those of you reading know that there have been a few things said here about unions in the past.

So let's just get to the point: What is happening in Wisconsin - the oppression of organized labor and the government-led union busting which is happening there is Un-American, and it must be stopped. 

If you're not aware of what's going on, click here. 

The actions of the Governor in this state which are aimed squarely at organized labor, are not just, right, acceptable, nor are they what should be accepted in a free society.

We can debate whether or not unions have a place, or whether or not unions are evolving all day long, but I'll say this - the right of people to unionize, and to organize to address grievances - is as American as the original American union which said to the King of England back in the day, "hey, we don't like how things are going, and we're not going to take it anymore."

With the way the world is changing, with fewer and fewer companies, etc, controlling things, now is the time - more than ever - for us as a free people to embrace the right we have to organize, and to demand responsibility.

People have died for this right worldwide in recent weeks. Their memories should not be disgraced by ignoring what is happening in one state just because it happens to be located in this "shining city on a hill..."

Wisconsin is about to become Egypt. And, the world is watching.

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  1. As usual, well said, Toby. We can never take our rights for granted and we must always be alert to covert or overt efforts to undermine or destroy those rights.
    Someone needs to dig deeper & find out who the Governor is involved with to feel justified in even entertaining such a move. There's more to this story....